Celebrity CEO’s: 25 American Celebs Ruling the Business World

By Bluei Fausto

Have you ever wondered what your favourite stars could be doing during their off-cam moments? Let me give you a clue: business. Unknown to many, there are a number of celebrities who spend much of their time not at studios, but rather, in their own offices.

Although most are more recognized for their movies, albums, and performing skills, a broad range of Hollywood stars are already taking the entrepreneurial world by storm as they gradually build their own business empires.

Curious to know who these people are? Here are 25 American CEO celebrities who have turned from entertainment to entrepreneurship. Get to know each of them here.

25. Lauren Conrad


Net worth: $25 million

The American television personality and author has turned into a business mogul by establishing her own fashion lines, LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown. She also co-founded the online store, The Little Market in 2013.

@laurenconrad / Instagram.com, @laurenconrad / Instagram.com

24. Gwyneth Paltrow


Net worth: $60 million

Gwyneth Paltrow’s fortune can be traced to her lifestyle website, Goop, which she founded in 2008. Although her business has received a lot of criticism in the past (due to its ridiculously priced items and the absence of actual evidence and data to back up its lifestyle advice), the Avengers star has still managed to triple the business’ revenue for the past two years.

@gwynethpaltrow / Instagram.com, @gwynethpaltrow / Instagram.com

23. Kate Hudson


Net worth: $80 million

American actress Kate Hudson entered the business realm in 2013 when she co-founded the activewear line Fabletics. Five years later, the online clothing retailer now holds 25 retail stores with plans to add 75 more. It also is also said to generate an annual revenue of $300 million.

@katehudson / Instagram.com, @katehudson / Instagram.com

A year later, the actress has launched another clothing brand called HappyxNature.

22. Nicki Minaj


Net worth: $85 million

In addition to her chart-topping singles and sold-out tours, Minaj’s business ventures have kept her in pretty good status. She currently holds a 3% stake in Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service, along with her own line of eight different perfumes.

@nickiminaj / Instagram.com, @nickiminaj / Instagram.com

The rapper has been reported to have an $85 million net worth.

21. Tyra Banks


Net worth: $90 million

The Harvard Business School grad and former Victoria’s Secret model has proven she’s all beauty and brain. Aside from being the creator of the hit television franchise America’s Next Top Model, Banks has also founded her very own production company, Bankable Productions, and an investment firm, Fierce Capital.

@tyrabanks / Instagram.com, @tyrabanks / Instagram.com

20. Sarah Jessica Parker


Net worth: $100 million

More than being an A-list movie star, the “Sex and the City” actress also stands as a business empress in her own luxury shoe store with prices that range between $300 to $600 per pair. Talk about a high budget for a wealthy gal.

@sarahjessicaparker / Instagram.com, @sarahjessicaparker / Instagram.com

19. Drew Barrymore


Net worth: $125 million

Although Drew Barrymore is more famous as a movie superstar, the Charlie’s Angel actress is also a business empress. In 2013, she launched her own makeup line, Flower Beauty Cosmetics. Now, it has blossomed into one of the most famous beauty lines being sold at affordable prices at Walmart and Ulta.

@drewbarrymore / Instagram.com, @drewbarrymore / Instagram.com

Just recently, the actress-turned-CEO has also launched Flower Home, an eclectic home décor collection.

“I always fantasized about having a desk job, because it seemed like such a consistent life, and nothing about mine was grounded,” she told Good Housekeeping. “And being a CEO? I mean, it’s pretty gangster.”

18. Reese Witherspoon


Net worth: $150 million

Reese Witherspoon is far more than just a decades-long lasting Hollywood celebrity. In 2001, she founded the production company Type A Films. About five years later, Witherspoon launched her retail brand, Draper James.  In 2016, she then partnered with Otter Media to start the American media company Hello Sunshine.

@reesewitherspoon / Instagram.com, @reesewitherspoon / Instagram.com

17. Jessica Simpson


Net worth: $170 million

Music, fashion, and entertainment icon Jessica Simpson remains to be one of Hollywood’s richest celebrity CEOs. Her fashion line, Jessica Simpson Collection, was reported by Forbes to generate about $1 billion in annual sales, helping the star amass a net worth of $170 million.

@jessicasimpson / Instagram.com, @jessicasimpson / Instagram.com

“I always say, I’m ready for another billion,” she told CNBC in 2016.

16. Sandra Bullock


Net worth: $200 million

The Oscar winner and A-list movie star has founded Fortis Films, a production company that has produced films including Miss Congeniality. In addition, the golden actress also stands as an owner of two popular restaurants, Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy and Staple.

@sandrabullock_ig / Instagram.com, @sandrabullock_ig / Instagram.com

15. Jessica Alba


Net worth: $200 million

Another Jessica that deserves to be part of our list is none other than Jessica Alba. The American actress is the woman behind the popular consumer goods company, The Honest Company. In 2016, the household products retailer has pulled in an estimate of $250 million in revenue.

@jessicaalba / Instagram.com, @jessicaalba / Instagram.com

The company is set to extend its business market into Western Europe later this year.

14. Ashton Kutcher


Net worth: $200 million

The world has witnessed the transformation of Ashton Kutcher from a dreamy hunk to one of America’s most influential investors. Ashton’s business ventures can be traced back to 2000, when he opened his own production company, Katalyst.

@aplusk / Instagram.com, @aplusk / Instagram.com

In 2010, he joined entertainment manager Guy Oseary and billionaire investor Ron Burkle in founding A-Grade Investments.

“I don’t believe that old cliché that good things come to those who wait,” the celebrity-turned-entrepreneur told Hello! magazine. “I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can’t sit still.

13. Justin Timberlake


Net worth: $230 million

With ten Grammy awards and four Emmy’s, many might think Justin Timberlake is born only for music. However, there is no truth to this, as the pop star is showcasing his talent even in the business field.

@justintimberlake / Instagram.com, @justintimberlake / Instagram.com

The former NSYNC heartthrob has engaged in a number of business ventures. Not only does he own his own clothing company, William Rast, but he also manages his own restaurants, Destino and Southern Hospitality. In addition, he holds ownership stakes in his co-branded tequila, Sauza 901.      

12. Mark Wahlberg


Net worth: $255 million

No one tops Mark Wahlberg when it comes to having the highest number of image reinventions. The musician turned underwear model turned actor turned producer turned entrepreneur features an estimated net worth of $255 million.

@markwahlberg | @f45_training / Instagram.com; @markwahlberg / Instagram.com

Most of his fortune originates from his burger business, the Wahlburgers. He is now recognized as one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood.

11. Robert De Niro


Net worth: $300 million

Robert De Niro seems to have nearly everything in life. From being a critically acclaimed actor, producer, director, to even becoming a food industry tycoon. In 1994, De Niro opened a Japanese restaurant called Nobu. From there on, the enterprise has grown to over 40 restaurants and eight luxury hotels.

Indie Wire | © Film Society of Lincoln Center, Indie Wire | © Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

Nobu Hospitality LLC is expected to earn $1 billion in revenue by 2023, Fortune reported.

Today, Robert De Niro has amassed an estimated net worth of $300 million.

10. Will Smith


Net worth: $300 million

Considered by Newsweek as “the most powerful actor in Hollywood,” Will Smith is also known for his numerous business ventures and investments. In 1997, he founded his own production company, Overbrook Entertainment.

On This Day | © DFree / Shutterstock, @willsmith / Instagram.com

9. Kim Kardashian West


Net worth: $370 million

American media personality and socialite Kim Kardashian has already engaged in several business ventures, including a mobile game, personalized emojis, and a beauty line. Who knows what else she has up her sleeves? Only time will tell.

@kimkardashian / Instagram.com, @kimkardashian / Instagram.com

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Net worth: $400 million

The former child stars now own three successful clothing lines. Their first business, The Row, was established in 2006 and has grown to be one of New York’s most luxurious young brands. A year later, the twins founded another branded line called Elizabeth and James.

@marykateandashleyfullerolsen / Instagram.com, @marykateandashleyfullerolsen / Instagram.com

In 2009, the sisters also partnered with JC Penney to launch an affordable teen line called Olsenboye. Today, the two Olsens are worth over $400 million, according to Elle.

7. Gloria Estefan


Net worth: $500 million

The American singer-songwriter, along with her husband, holds several successful restaurants in Miami, as well as two hotels in Florida. Aside from bearing the title of the most successful crossover artist in music history, Gloria Estefan also takes pride in her estimated $500 million net worth.

@gloriaestefan / Instagram.com, @gloriaestefan | © @librarycongress / Instagram.com

6. Simon Cowell


Net worth: $570 million

Simon Cowell is proof you could be the most popular obnoxious judge on talent shows while being a television tycoon at the same time. Simon is the man behind the Syco Entertainment, a music and television company responsible for America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. Moreover, the music mogul is also the guy who made one of the world’s biggest bands, One Direction.

@simoncowell / Instagram.com, @simoncowell / Instagram.com

In an interview with Business Week Online, Simon said he considers himself more of a businessman than a music personality. “I’ve always treated the music business as a business. Whether I’m making TV shows or signing artists, you have to do it by the head and not the heart – and I run my businesses that way,” he explained.

Today, Simon Cowell’s net worth is estimated to be around $570 million.

5. Rihanna


Net worth: $600 million

Hailed as the top-selling digital artist of all time, Rihanna has also proven herself to be an effective businesswoman. In 2011, she released her very first perfume, Reb’l Fleur, which made her over $80 million.

@badgalriri / Instagram.com, @badgalriri / Instagram.com

Her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, accumulated US$570 million in revenue, according to Forbes, as of 2018. Aside from these breakthroughs, RiRi also launched a lingerie line called Savage X Fenty in 2017.

4. Diddy


Net worth: $875 million

Sean John Combs, also known by the stage name Diddy, is one of the biggest music moguls of the industry. His entertainment and media dynamo, the Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group, is estimated to have reached a staggering $700 million net worth in 2014.

@diddy / Instagram.com, @diddy / Instagram.com

Forbes also regarded him as hip-hop’s most possible first billionaire, following his launch of Revolt TV, a music-focused digital cable television network, in 2013.

3. Kylie Jenner


Net worth: $1 billion

There is much more to Kylie Jenner than being a Kardashian. At a young age of 21, Jenner has become the youngest self-made billionaire ever, thanks to her billion-dollar beauty label, Kylie Cosmetics.

@kyliejenner / Instagram.com, @kyliejenner / Instagram.com

In 2018, Kylie Cosmetics was reported to accumulate $360 million in sales. Today, the billion-dollar beauty company is worth at least $900 million.

2. Jay-Z


Net worth: ‎$1 billion

More than being the husband of Beyoncé and earning millions from sold-out tours and chart-topping albums, Jay-Z is also recognized for being one of the top celebrity CEOs. The rapper-magnate made his initial major business move in 1995 by establishing the Roc-A-Fella Records. From there, Jay-Z has engaged in a number of business ventures, including the clothing line Rocawear, the cognac D’Ussé, and Tidal, a music-streaming service.

Pitchfork, XXL Mag

In 2019, Jay-Z’s fortune reached up to $1 billion, making him one of the wealthiest musicians in the world.

1. Oprah Winfrey


Net worth: $3.2 billion

Although she is best known for hosting her own internationally popular talk show, Oprah Winfrey has continuously managed to break her own limits. In 2011, Oprah launched a TV channel called OWN.


Moreover, she is also a part-owner of the health and wellness company Weight Watchers and is currently overseeing her own magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine.



From socialites to A-List movie stars to music personalities, there is a multitude of celebrity CEOs that impressively exceed the boundaries of showbiz expectations. Who among these celebrity entrepreneurs inspires you the most?

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