America’s 10 Richest Neighborhoods and Their Wealthy Residents

By Bluei Fausto

Where do the wealthy live? Perhaps this question has been popping up in your mind for some time now. Where exactly do the richest people stay, and what are their neighborhoods like?

The most obvious answer is, of course, in major metropolitan areas. However, for many, this piece of information isn’t enough to feed their curiosity. After all, nothing could exemplify the “American Dream” better than seeing where the wealthiest U.S. citizens live.

To satisfy your interest, we have compiled a list of 10 of the richest neighborhoods in the U.S., along with the list of their wealthiest residents. Can’t wait to know each one? To cut to the chase, here they are.

10. Glencoe, Illinois


Average income: $339,883

Located on Chicago’s north shore, the Glencoe village is considered to be one of the richest neighborhoods in the U.S. Among its most notable landmarks include the Chicago Botanic Garden, which is famous for its rich collection of plants and flowers in the millions. 

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In 2013, Forbes identified 15 of the richest people living in Illinois. The list includes American investor Ken Griffin, who has a net worth of $12.8B, and American philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker, who has a net worth of $1.9B.

9. Bronxville, New York


Average income: $340,448

Elite schools, a walkable setting, and delightful residential designs — these are the qualities that made Bronxville the ideal place for the rich and famous.


Seated 25 miles from Midtown Manhattan, this walkable community has served as a vibrant home to a few notable people, such as American author Elizabeth Custer, game show host Ed McMahon, and 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

8. Darien, Connecticut


Average income: $341,090

Considered to be the wealthiest town in Connecticut, it is no secret that people who live in Darien are mostly part of the top 1%. Featuring 11 major parks and advanced public transport, this fancy neighborhood has housed different personalities, including former Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt, partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Walter E. Sachs, and former Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. James B. Lee, Jr., as its loyal residents.

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7. Highland Park, Texas


Average income: $358,994

Seated 4 miles north of downtown Dallas, this luxury suburb features the premier luxury shopping plaza, the Highland Park Village, which serves as the ultimate shopping center for the affluent. Just last year, Bloomberg named Highland Park as the 9th wealthiest community in the country. Now, it has advanced into the 7th spot, given the remarkable increase in its residents’ average net worth. 

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Among its most notable wealthy citizens include former Texas Governor Bill Clements and former Republican Party state chairman Peter O’Donnell. The fanciful suburb has also been featured to be the hometown of the fictional character Claire Underwood from the U.S. TV series, House of Cards.

6. Short Hills, New Jersey


Average income: $367,491

Located just a few miles from New York City, Short Hills prides itself with famous shopping destinations that offer only the most luxurious of brands.

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Some of the most notable people who have their houses located in this well-off town include Nabisco CEO Lee Bickmore, former Chief Investment Officer at JP Morgan Chase Ina Drew, actress Anne Hathaway, and fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

5. Hillsborough, California


Average income: $373,128

Located 17 miles south of San Francisco, Hillsborough is currently the 5th wealthiest community in the country. It houses a number of historical and awe-striking mansions, such as the Western White House and the Sidney Bazett Residence.

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Among its notable residents include Charles B. Johnson, the former chairman of Franklin Templeton Investments; Greg Maddux, an all-time baseball pitcher champion; and Bud Tribble, vice president of software technology at Apple Inc.

4. Los Altos Hills, California


Average income: $386,174

Positioned in Silicon Valley, Los Altos Hills serves as a home to various tech personalities, such as Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang.

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The neighborhood is mostly recognized for its strict residential arrangements and grand houses, with prices averaging up to $5.4 million each.

3. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado


Average income: $394,259

This Denver suburb is famous for being the ultimate place for the wealthy. Displaying luxuriant greenery and astounding mansions, Cherry Hills Village has been home to various politicians, artists, and sports personalities, including former NFL quarterback John Elway, heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and Broadway and film actress Cristin Milioti.

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2. Scarsdale, New York


Average income: $417,335

Only a few miles from New York City, Scarsdale is considered to be the East Coast’s richest town. Earlier this year, it was named by Bloomberg’s “Richest Places” to be the second in the country.

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Its famous residents include Eric Mindich, the youngest to have ever made partner at Goldman Sachs; George Zimmer, founder of Men’s Wearhouse; and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara.


1. Atherton, California


Average income: $450,696

Hailed to be the richest town for 3 consecutive years, Atherton is home to a broad range of tech executive giants, such as Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook; Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and 2012’s 138th-richest person in the world; Ron Johnson, previous senior executive of Apple; Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay; and Farzad Nazem, former Chief Technology Officer of Yahoo.

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It may be easy to identify the most affluent metropolises in the world; however, detecting the most luxurious neighborhoods could be quite tricky. From staggering mansions to luxurious parks, shopping districts, and meticulous landscapes, there come a lot of shared elements that could mark the places of the wealthy.

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Be it politicians, business giants, Hall of Fame sports personalities, to award-winning artists, these affluent birds really flock together. 

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