The UK’s Top 25 Richest Kids of 2019

By Cristine Parungao

Some kids just seem to have it all. They're lucky enough to be born with famous parents, great talents, and of course, money.

In the United Kingdom, some of the kids considered as multimillionaires are as young as 1 year old. Many are celebrities and some are heir to their parents’ businesses or fame.

Have you ever wondered which kids top this list or how much money they're really worth? Meet the UK’s top 25 richest kids of 2019.

25. Solo Uniackle


Net worth: £2 million 

Child of the first female Bond girl, Rosamund Pike, is 7-year-old Solo Unjackle. Because of her mother’s fame and father Robie Uniackle’s businesses, Solo is worth millions. As young as he is, Solo has a net worth of £2 million and counting. 

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24. Gaia Romilly Wise


Net worth: £2 million 

19-year old Gaia Romilly Wise is the daughter of British actress Emma Thompson and producer Greg Wise. Her parents’ combined wealth is more than £50 million and she is bound to inherit a chunk of their wealth in the years to come. 

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23. Lily Mo Sheen


Net worth: £2 million 

Daughter of English actress Kate Beckinsale and actor Michael Sheen, 20-year-old Lily Mo Sheen is considered a millionaire due to her acting success and family wealth.

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While her mother has an estimated net worth of over $16 million and her father around $9 million, Lily has her own net worth of close to $300,000, earned through her roles in films such as “Click” and “Underworld: Evolution”. It is expected that she will inherit her family wealth, as well as continue to increase her own wealth as she stars in more films.

22. Mateo Silva


Net worth: £3 million 

Son of the professional athlete David Silva is Mateo Silva. His father earns an average of £8 million per year through his contracts with Manchester City, a couple of endorsements from Adidas, and deals with many other brands. Mateo is one of the youngest millionaires with an estimated net worth of £3 million. 

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21. Lucas Jagger


Net worth: £3 million 

Son of the founding member of Rolling Stones Mick Jagger is a 20-year old Lucas Jagger. Despite his father’s popularity, Lucas hasn’t entered the music industry but has created his own name on social media, particularly on YouTube. Lucas, together with his other siblings, is already standing on a bed of cash, with Mick worth more than £298 million. 

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20. Missy Albarn


Net worth: £3 million 

19-year old Missy Albarn is the daughter of Blur’s Damon Albarn. Her father is not just a singer but also a songwriter and a producer. Known for his band, Blur, Damon was able to make millions in performances all over the UK and some tours overseas. Missy is set to inherit her dad’s wealth of more than £28 million. 

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19. Millie Bobby Brown


Net worth: £4 million 

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Stranger Things’ lead actress Millie Bobby Brown is far from an ordinary 15-year old. At this point in her life, she’s already earning millions. According to Seventeen Magazine, Millie earns roughly £207,167 per episode of Stranger Things TV series.

Aside from this show, she also has several endorsements and roles in movies like Godzilla: King of the Monsters. For her role in Godzilla, it is said that Millie was paid roughly $1 million or £828,000.

18. Hal Auden Cumberbatch 


Net worth: £5 million 

Hal Auden’s Cumberbatch’s father, Benedict Cumberbatch, is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors. Benedict starred in famous films and TV series such as Sherlock Holmes, End Game, Doctor Strange, and The Hobbit. Hal’s mother, Sophie Hunter, is an English avant-garde opera director and performer. At the age of two, Hal’s net worth is around £5 million. 

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17. Louis Thomas Hardy


Net worth: £7 million 

Louis is the son of English actor and producer Tom Hardy. His dad is famous for blockbuster films like “Venom”, “Peaky Blinders”, and “Warrior”. Louis is only 11 years old, but he’s already expected to inherit his father’s wealth of over £24.8 million. 

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16. Mason Milian de Bruyne


Net worth: £7 million 

Three-year-old Mason Milian de Bruyne is the son of Manchester City football player, Kevin de Bruyne. His father is worth more than £24 million and counting; that’s why this baby boy will likely inherit his dad’s wealth in the future. In addition to his father’s legacy, his mum is also a social media influencer, with more than 200,000 followers. 

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15. Cashel Blake Day-Lewis 


Net worth: £8 million 

Son of retired English and Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, is 17-year old Cashel Blake. Ever since his father became famous, Cashel has been a magnet in the industry. But even if Cashel decides not to enter Hollywood, all is well because he is already very wealthy from his father. Daniel Day-Lewis’ net worth is more than $50 million or £41.4 million. 

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14. Brooklyn Beckham


Net worth: £10 million 

Son of the famous British power couple in Hollywood — Victoria and David Beckham — is 20- year-old model and photographer Brooklyn Beckham. At his age, Brooklyn is already worth millions due to his parents’ combined wealth of £828 million.

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His modelling career also adds up to his net worth, but he is still in school pursuing photography studies. 

13. Mia Honey Threapleton


Net worth: £10 million 

Daughter of prominent English actress Kate Winslet is 18-year-old Mia Honey Threapleton. With her parent’s combined wealth, she was born to become a millionaire. Her mother’s hit film, Titanic, was a blockbuster and generated an estimated revenue of over £1.5 billion.

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12. Sasha Schreiber


Net worth: £10 million 

Grandson of Pink Floyd’s road manager Peter Watts, and son to British actress Naomi Watts and American actor and director Liev Schreiber, Sasha Schreiber is considered a young millionaire at just 12 years old.

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His mother, Naomi, earns millions from films she’s been cast in, such as “King Kong”, “The Ring”, and “Birdman”, while his father has had a very successful media career.

11. Akshay Ruparelia


Net worth: £12 million 

Dubbed as one of Britain’s youngest millionaires is an estate agent who started his career at just 19 years old. He set up his own online estate agency called Doorsteps. Today, the agency is considered one of the UK’s fastest-growing real estate agencies with a valuation of £12 million. Investors pumped in more than £500,000 to help his company expand. 

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10. Edie Knightley Righton


Net worth: £12 million 

4-year old Edie Knightley Righton is the son of British actress Keira Knightley and musician James Righton. He is expected to inherit his mum and dad’s combined wealth of £82 million. With his mum still earning millions for Hollywood films, it is likely that Edie’s net worth will increase over time. 

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9. Kai Wayne Rooney


Net worth: £15 million 

Considered one of the richest kids of a professional athlete is the son of Wayne Rooney and designer Coleen Rooney, Kai Wayne. 9-year old Kai is expected to inherit his father and mother’s staggering wealth of £114.4 million. As young as he is, Kai Wayne is already training to be a professional football player, supervised by his dad. 

Mirror | (Image: Rex Features), Mirror | (Image: Rex Features)

8. Matilda Ramsay


Net worth: £20 million 

Matilda Ramsay is one of the richest kids overshadowed by the fame of their parents. In this case, Matilda’s dad, Gordon Ramsay, is on a totally different level.

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Gordon is a renowned chef, television personality, and author famous for his top-notch cooking skills and awarded 16 Michelin stars. Matilda is set to inherit Gordon’s £200 million wealth in the future. 

7. Jayden Meeks Green


Net worth: £41 million 

Grandson of UK business mogul and billionaire Philip Green is 1 year and 3-month-old Jayden Meeks-Green. He is the son of Chloe Green and her husband Jeremy Meeks. Jayden’s mom is not just a billionaire but also a reality show personality. Meanwhile, his dad is an American fashion model. 

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6. Angelo Adkins


Net worth: £50 million 

This is Adele’s child with ex-husband Simon Konecki, 6-year-old Angelo Adkins. He will likely inherit his mum’s wealth of more than £185 million.

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Angelo’s parents are known to value their privacy and in 2014, the couple sued a photo agency for taking their child’s photo during a private family gathering. The British court granted a five-figure settlement in a privacy lawsuit against the agency. 

5. & 4. Ilya and Arina Abramovich


Net worth: £50 million 

Possible heirs to their father’s multi-billion pound businesses are 16-year-old Ilya and 18-year-old Arina Abramovich, daughters of Russian-Israeli business tycoon Roman Abramovich. Their father has a net worth of more than £10 billion, and their mother, Malandina, is worth £200 million. Because of their parents’ combined wealth, these two ladies are sure to inherit millions, if not, billions. 

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3. Chris Phillips


Net worth: £70 million 

One of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom is 20-year old Chris Phillips, who started out as the CEO of his own company, Dot 5 Hosting. He founded his company and made his first million at the age of 18. Now, he is worth more than £70 million after selling the company to the American hosting company, iPower. Chris also has a wealth of investments, particularly in retail, tech, property, and leisure across the UK. 

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2. & 1. Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge


Net worth: £5 billion 

Considered the richest kids, not just in the UK, but in the world, are Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Members of the Royal Family, the two are already in line for the crown and will be inheriting billions of pounds when they reach the right age. The two are already worth more than £2 billion each, but this will increase over the years.,



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