Top 10 Celebrity Brand Endorsement Deals

By Cristine Parungao

Big brands, valuing millions to billions, are known for using celebrities to endorse multiple products, and increase sales. Because these celebrities have a massive following, they can influence more people to make a purchase. In exchange, actors, models, and athletes get paid from thousands to millions just for doing photoshoots, TV commercials, and other advertising materials. 

Nowadays, celebrities are utilizing new platforms such as Instagram to endorse products and services. In addition to print and television ads, brands also make use of modern advertising methods, such as YouTube videos featuring celebrities

Listed below are the top 10 celebrity brand endorsement deals that are worth millions. Read on to find out more details about the endorsements and the big celebrities behind them.

10. Selena Gomez


Net worth: $75 million

When it comes to highest-paid celebrities for brand endorsements, Selena Gomez certainly is among the top 10. Thanks to her 157 million followers on Instagram, she is paid millions for endorsing brands such as Pantene, Coca Cola, and her recent deal with handbag designer brand Coach

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According to reports, the Coach endorsement deal and collaboration with Selena Gomez is worth $10 million. Her Instagram account is full of content for Coach, and she also appeared on Coach’s official website and other print ads

9. Angelina Jolie


Net worth: $100 million

Angelina Jolie is another favorite when it comes to brand endorsements. She is nothing but fabulous, sophisticated, and carries a massive following. Because of her humanitarian efforts and advocacy, more people are drawn to her and consider her an inspiration. 

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One of Angelina’s biggest endorsements was with a designer bag, Louis Vuitton, which valued $10 million for making an appearance with the 2011 collection. This one is controversial, as the ad was shot in rural Cambodia; a conflicting marketing scheme for advertising luxurious brands and using a poor community setting.

8. Ashton Kutcher


Net worth: $200 million

Veteran actor Ashton Kutcher is known as a tech venture capitalist wizard because of his very own venture capital firm. Not only was Kutcher able to run a company but he also landed multi-billion endorsements in the span of his career. 

Wikipedia, Cheat Sheet

His most valuable endorsement was with a Chinese tech company, Lenovo, which is valued at $10 million. He also signed with the company to serve as a product engineer back in 2013. Aside from Lenovo, Kutcher also signed with Nikon for a television commercial and many others.

7. LeBron James


Net worth: $270 million

LeBron James is one of the world’s most excellent basketball players and without a doubt, he has also signed multiple brand endorsements worth millions. His collaboration with the sportswear brand Nike is worth $90 million, having endorsed the brand for seven years. 

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Nike made a smart move hiring Lebron as one of the brand’s ambassadors, as sales increased to $340 million. If we’re going to do the math, Lebron was paid approximately $12.9 million per year by Nike.

6. Brad Pitt


Net worth: $300 million

When it comes to Hollywood’s most loved actors, Brad Pitt is definitely on the list. He is a charmer, not to mention his huge fan base. For over 30 years, Brad has worked with different brands, from cars to menswear, watches, and perfume

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Luxury brand Chanel signed with Brad Pitt to do a commercial for the iconic Chanel No.5 Perfume. The brand paid him $7 million for doing a single advertisement, which became phenomenal. He is the first male face of the brand’s signature No.5 perfume. 

5. Beyoncé


Net worth: $400 million

Pepsi picked Beyoncé to be its face for a television commercial in 2013. The brand paid a multi-year contract of $50 million for her to appear in the ad. Her face was plastered all over Pepsi cans nationwide to pump up the advertisement. 

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However, to the brand’s dismay, its sales declined by 4 percent, which prompted the abandonment of Beyoncé. Her renewal with the brand wasn’t pushed through, and Pepsi picked other stars to represent its brand.  

4. David Beckham


Net worth: $450 million

David Beckham is an extremely marketable celebrity because of his massive following and undeniable charisma. His outstanding sports performance also adds up to his assets, making him one of the best athletes to receive endorsements

@davidbeckham /, @davidbeckham /

Sports apparel brand Adidas is among the brands that reached out to Beckham to create a campaign. According to reports, the brand paid Beckham a staggering $260 million to create an ad and be the face of the brand for 14 years.  

3. Tiger Woods


Net worth: $800 million

His name is one of the foundations of golf and sports in general, making him another athlete with multi-million dollar endorsements with brands. His big one with sports apparel brand Nike is worth $100 million for making a television commercial


Tiger Woods has a tainted reputation for having bad behavior. However, with his unstoppable performance in golf, he is considered a legend, and many people idolize him. Nike has reported an increase in sales after Tiger Woods appeared in a commercial.

2. Jay-Z


Net worth: $1 billion

Jay-Z proved that he is not only a musician and a rapper but also a businessman. He has restaurant chains, two record labels, a streaming service, and a clothing company, not to mention the fact that he is earning millions by endorsing different brands. 

Pitchfork, The Source

His collaboration with Samsung has earned him an instant $20 million to promote the Samsung Galaxy phone. He was also able to promote his new album in the commercial and increases the sales of Samsung right after. 

1. Kylie Jenner


Net worth: $1 billion

The number one celeb on this list is none other than reality star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, who is Forbes’ youngest billionaire. Kylie earns millions via her family’s reality show and also built an empire with the Kylie Cosmetics brand. 

@kyliejenner /, @kyliejenner /

Aside from this portfolio of assets, she also signed deals with different brands to promote products and services. Her collaboration with Puma is one for the books, as she was paid $10 million. It was also reported that every single advertisement post on Instagram would cost brands $1 million. 



Celebrities are definitely living the dream, as they get to earn millions by simply modeling for brands and posting content about it. Because of their fan base, brands also get to benefit, as more people see celebrities as an idol or inspiration. 

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