Top 10 Ultra-Luxe Pieces Worn by Carrie Bradshaw on SATC

By Louise Garay

Sex and the City remains an iconic television series – alongside its two films – mainly because of the uber fabulous fashion pieces worn by Carrie Bradshaw and its other characters. Not to mention, it featured some of TV’s most loved and most enviable characters of all time – including Carrie Bradshaw. A woman after our own heart, Bradshaw is undeniably the epitome of a fashion-forward icon who’s unafraid of getting what she wants. 

As a fashion girl at heart, Carrie lusted after the most stylish pieces to exist in history. Whether it’s her love of shoes or her eclectic outfits, there’s no denying that this writer is not one to back down from a challenge. And often, this fascination with designers and the world of fashion comes with a price.

If you are a fan of Ms. Bradshaw and her hip clothing pieces, you might be keen to know just how much each of these luxurious pieces cost. Mind you, these certainly cost a pretty penny. Take a look at her top 10 most expensive pieces of all time.

10. Badgley Mischka Gown


Price: $3,250

Who could ever forget the stunning non-wedding wedding gown by Badgley Mischka? Granted, it was worn during the break-up scene between Carrie and her then beau, Aidan, this beautiful piece somehow stole the show with its sleek and timeless silhouette. While the writer may not have walked down the aisle in this, you definitely could. (user: Jilian Schwartz),

9. Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress


Price: $15,700

Carrie’s tastes are over the top – and her wedding ceremony with Big reflected this. Dubbed as one of the most memorable outfits on the show, her one-of-a-kind Vivienne Westwood wedding dress constantly ‘wowed’ viewers time and time again. Big definitely made a huge mistake when he left his woman at the altar, especially when she was wearing this show-stopping dress.,

Thanks to the popularity of the show, the dress was priced at $15,700 in its London boutique, says Glamour. However, you’ve got to wait for six months. We dare say it’s worth it.

8. Verdura Target Brooch in Diamond and Gold


Price: $17,255

Donning a sleek and stylish business attire, Carrie finished her look with a Verdura Target brooch that was pinned just in the middle of her Ralph Lauren tie. While a relatively small piece, its pure gold and diamond-studded design may have added to its hefty price tag. Take a cue from SATC’s resident fashionista, and add a brooch to your corporate outfit for a little pizzazz., (user: de Joya en Joya)

7. Mikimoto Three-Strand Pearl Necklace


Price: $18,000

The Mikimoto brand and its cultured pearls are known for their exquisite designs and understated elegance. This may be one of the reasons why the writer had to own not just one, but three Mikimoto creations. From constantly wearing her own name to wearing pearls, Carrie sure knows what it means to ‘glow up’.,

Throughout the show, the columnist wore her Mikimoto necklaces in a number of ways. One of these shows her wearing all three strands at the same time, perfectly piled in layers to accentuate her neck. Each piece reportedly costs $6,000

6. Chahan Minassian Necklace


Price: $20,000

As a journalist, Carrie is understandably dedicated to her craft – maybe a little too much. She even wore a Christian Dior newspaper dress twice. But, what made headlines is her Chahan Minassian clover-shaped diamond pave necklace. And rightfully so, because boy, did it glitter.,

5. Harry Winston Diamond Engagement Ring


Price: $25,000

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. When Aidan proposed to the love of his life, he certainly knew what he was talking about with this Harry Winston creation.,

Made of a three-carat diamond fitted with a platinum band, this engagement ring is the stuff of dreams. The only catch is that this ring costs a whopping $25,000. Good thing Carrie returned this when they broke up. 

4. Silver and Gold Chanel Lamé Dress and Overskirt


Price: $47,190

Many people love karaoke, but maybe not as much as the columnist herself. To fit just right with the occasion, Ms. Bradshaw wore a dreamy silver and gold Chanel lamé dress that perfectly mirrored her bright and inviting personality.,

Truly ahead of her time, the fashion-forward woman styled the dress over her bejeweled jeans, says The Cut. Such extravagance fits right in with the equally opulent Abu Dhabi. 

3. Givenchy Couture Gown


Price: $50,000

Another designer creation makes its way to the list. This time, this couture gown is made by none other than Givenchy. Flown in especially from its Paris boutique, stylist Patricia Field worked hard to dress Bradshaw in this creation.,

Though this dress was supposedly gifted to Carrie by Big himself, this would have cost her a lot of dough if she bought it. According to Elle, this is the most expensive piece from Sex and the City’s fourth season. 

2. Versace Couture Gown


Price: $80,000

Though that Parisian night was such a nightmare for the love-struck Carrie, her Versace couture gown surely wasn’t. Made from light and frothy layers of tulle, this wonderful creation no doubt made every girl green with envy. (user: POPSUGAR HOME), (user: Liesbet Ovreeide)

Her Paris date, Russian artist Aleksander Petrovsky, left the columnist alone and waiting for what was supposed to be a delightful first night out in the city of love. Despite the irony of it all, Ms. Bradshaw was a vision, especially with the dusty grey Atelier Versace gown she had on. And what a vision she was in this $80,000 ethereal gown that made her look every bit of a goddess. 

1. Solange Azagury-Partridge Necklace


Price: $225,000

The piece de resistance? It’s the Solange Azagury-Patridge necklace, which Carrie wore together with her pristine, modern Halston dress. Perhaps the most memorable of all the accessories Ms. Bradshaw has ever worn, fans made a fuss after finding out the price of this necklace. This necklace alone costs $225,000, which the Standard says can already buy you a house.,



Carrie’s luxurious pieces are certainly worthy of attention. For those who want a cool girl ensemble, take note of Ms. Bradshaw’s creative takes, and have fun with fashion.,, (user: POPSUGAR HOME),

Which of these items would you want to have in your own closet? 

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