Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Extravagant Homes (And How Much They’re Worth)

By Nora Mathe

We know celebrities for their TV appearances and their public lives. The information they share with viewers usually excludes their private lives, but with the dawn of the Internet and media coverage, it is quite easy to find out just how lavish our favorite actors’ lifestyles are.

Our wealthy idols live in mansions across the globe and own the most luxurious items we can imagine.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most extravagant houses owned by celebrities and find out how much they are worth!

10. Ellen Degeneres


Price: $45M

The talk show host keeps her private life fairly hidden and only shares what she wants to share with the world, but her stunning home has been reported on before. People magazine reports that Ellen put her home on the market recently, for a whopping $45m.

Extra TV / © Netflix, E! Online / © Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

The Santa Barbara home stretches across 17 acres of land, and in its center lays the 10,000 sq. ft. house. Known as “the Villa”, the house was built in 1930, and its most iconic room is the 850 sq. ft. living room, with large rustic exposed beams, a fireplace, and a library. The house has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, an indoor and an outdoor pool, and a sunken tennis court, among other luxuries.

9. Sting


Price: $50M

Sting owns a penthouse in the famous 15 Central Park West building. The singer’s home has a modern design, featuring two intricate spiral staircases, an open fireplace in the middle of his living room, and a 43 ft. Central Park frontage. / © Credit: Getty - Contributor, 660 City News / © Amy Sussman/Invision/AP, File

The penthouse had 3 bedrooms and a fourth room, which was designed to be an office. There are floor-to-ceiling windows all over the home to ensure that the family can see the spectacular view of Central Park and the New York City skyline. The master bedroom also features his and hers walk-in closets and a dual spa bathroom with a built-in sauna.

8. Cindy Crawford


Price: $50M

Currently on the market for $50m, Cindy Crawford’s beachfront Malibu compound has breathtaking amenities. The house, built in the Hacienda style, is on more than 3 acres of land and has a perfect view of the ocean.

MSN / © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited, / © Getty Images

Built in 1944 and recently renovated, the house has around 5,300 sq. ft. of living space, 4 bedrooms, a media room, a wrap-around deck with a fire pit in the middle, sliding glass doors and glass walls facing the beach, a pool, a tennis court, and a private pathway to the ocean.

7. Howard Stern


Price: $52M

The popular radio personality’s 18,673 sq. ft. Palm Beach home sits on 3.25 acres that back up to the Atlantic Ocean. Stern purchased the home in 2013, and since then, he has been renovating and changing many parts of it.

CNBC / © Kevin Mazur | Getty Images, E! Online / © Kristin Callahan/REX/Shutterstock

The house has 12.5 bathrooms, the guesthouse alone is 1,196 sq. ft., and reportedly the taxes on such a huge compound stretch up to $900K a year. Yikes! Howard Stern keeps the interior of his house under wraps, but rumor has it that one of the bedrooms features a 1,000 sq. ft. closet for his wife.

6. Tiger Woods


Price: $54.5M

The celebrity golfer’s house was custom built for him and his former wife on Jupiter Island. The 10,000 sq. ft. home backs up to the Atlantic Ocean and features a putting studio, four bunkers on four different levels, and a video center.

Golf Digest / © Stan Badz/PGA Tour, Sporting News / © Getty Images

Apart from his own private golf course, Tiger Wood’s house also offers a basketball/tennis court, a 100-ft. lap pool, a game room, and a bathhouse and spa. The house is gorgeous, but reportedly it might be in serious danger: in 2013, it was reported that the building might be sinking due to Florida’s soft soil, which is a common problem in the state.

5. Tom Cruise


Price: $58M

Tom Cruise’s Telluride, Colorado home sits on 298 acres of land. The house itself stretches over 10,000 ft. and offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the mountains, with floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides of the living room.

Biography, 10 News

A one-mile private road leads up to the house itself, which includes 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The large mansion is built in the style of mountain cabins, with exposed wooden walls and floors. The large estate also has two helipads and a horse riding stable.

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce


Price: $88M

After a long time, Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally bought a house in Los Angeles in 2017. The nearly $90m Bel Air home is comprised of 6 different structures, with the main house stretching over 30,000 sq. ft. The L.A. Times reports that the couple is carrying a mortgage amount of $52.8m, which amounts to 30 years of monthly payments at $252,075, based on an interest rate of 4%.

ET Online / © Lester Cohen/Getty Images for NARAS, Cheat Sheet / © Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The compound has a 15-car garage, a helipad, bullet-proof windows; the main house has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The Carters also have an in-house spa and fitness center and an entire building dedicated to gaming and entertainment.

3. Oprah Winfrey


Price: $88M

Oprah’s estate is often called “The Promised Land”, which fits because the Neo-Gregorian style house is breathtaking. The 42-acre Montecito, California property has 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a theater, and multiple covered and uncovered terraces.

Britannica / © Jason Merritt—Getty Images/Thinkstock, Oprah Mag / © GETTY IMAGES/TEMI OYELOLA

Oprah’s more lavish hobbies are also featured on her estate: she has equestrian facilities with riding rings, stables, covered stalls and paddocks, two outdoor fireplaces, a 2-acre avocado grove, a koi pond, and a rose garden. She also has a teahouse and a large guesthouse with its own pool.

2. George Lucas


Price: $100M

The Star Wars director bought the 4,700-acre estate in 1974 in Marin County, California and called it Skywalker Ranch. Today, there isn’t much information floating around about the home; Lucas prefers to keep it secretive. Visitors have to be invited to the home, and pictures are not allowed.

Digital Spy / © MICHAEL KOVACGETTY IMAGES, Britannica

What we know about the property is that it includes several buildings, a 300-seat theater, a large underground parking lot, an outdoor pool, and a thriving garden and vineyard.

1. George Clooney


Price: $100M

George Clooney’s most impressive possession must be his Villa Oleandra, a large estate in Laglio, Italy. The property was built in the 18th century at Lake Como, and today it features many of its old charms, mixed with the modern-day technology and amenities we can only dream of.

The Guardian / © Andrew Milligan/PA, MSN / © James Veysey/Shutterstock

The house has ornately carved floors and ceilings from its original design, but it features a modern gym, two massive spa-like bathrooms, and a pizza room. It is reported that there is a large garage for Clooney’s motorcycles, an outdoor pool and tennis court, and the gardens are manicured to perfection. The estate also features a private deck to Lake Como and an outdoor theater.



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