The World’s 10 Richest People Who Invested In Cryptocurrency

By Nora Mathe

The world of cryptocurrency is unclear and scary for many. It's an uncharted territory where a lot of money can be made and lost in a very short period of time.

The Bitcoin trading, buying, and selling websites seem unruly, anarchistic, and uncertain, so many average people likely ignore the business, while others, who understand the economy and have the gall to invest, are making fortunes with this interesting new tool.

We are taking a look at 10 of the most successful business people who have profited from cryptocurrency!

10. Michael Novogratz


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $700M – $1B

Michael Novogratz is a former billionaire and a hedge fund manager who made his comeback in the world of cryptocurrency. He lost his billionaire status after the 2007 crisis, but the still very wealthy businessman saw something in cryptocurrency and started investing in it in 2013.

Fortune / © MICHAEL NAGLE—BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES, Business Insider / © Reuters/ Fred Prouser

Since 2015, Novogratz has been focusing his attention full-time on this new currency, investing and trading expertly, given his background. He traded in Ethereum, which he ended up selling when it was at $15, but soon after that its worth skyrocketed to $1,000. The businessman claims that you can’t look back on your decisions because hindsight is always 20/20, and thinking that way doesn’t help the current situation anyway.

9. Brock Pierce


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $700M – $1B

Pierce, a former child actor, has been around various groundbreaking new technologies, investing in new ideas from the get-go. He saw the money-making potential of gaming, video hosting, and even video game currency, so his interest in cryptocurrency is certainly not surprising., Forbes

Pierce joined the crypto game early on and invested not only in trading, but also in founding companies like Mastercoin, Coinbase, Ethereum, and In order to protect his earnings even further in such a volatile business, he relocated to Puerto Rico, where all residents have tax-exempt status.

8. Anthony Di Iorio


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $750M – $1B

Before Bitcoin, Di Iorio used to manage the family business, selling patio doors and running his own geothermal drilling company. According to Forbes, he became interested in how the economy worked after the 2007 financial crisis, on a quest to understand what happened and how money really works.

Reuters, Breaker Mag

He claims to have understood Bitcoin right away, and he invested early on. Then, with money earned from his business, he invested in other blockchain business, co-founded Ethereum, and paid for its coding and legal counsel. His business strategy is to get in early and once the new company is thriving, he invests the money it generated into a new one. Currently, Ethereum is reportedly worth over $100b.

7. Matthew Roszak


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $900M – $1B

A tech entrepreneur, Roszak expressed interest in blockchain from the get-go. He first started investing when the term Bitcoin wasn’t even around, buying currencies such as Mastercoin and Maidsafe. He attributes his success to being early to the game. Following his success buying and trading cryptocurrency, he invested in related companies such as Coinbase and Kraken., BTC Miami

Roszak believes that building a community of people who are interested in buying and selling cryptocurrency is essential, so he spends a lot of his time spreading the word about it. He even bought Bill Clinton and Richard Branson their first Bitcoins!

6. Brian Armstrong


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $900M – $1B

Brian Armstrong is an interesting player in the world of cryptocurrencies. He didn’t earn his millions by trading Bitcoin. Instead, he created the platform on which the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies takes place.

Forbes, Forbes

As the founder of Coinbase, he made himself a fortune: the company is valued at $4.5b, although it could be worth even more. Due to the anarchic market that is cryptocurrency currently, it is difficult to find out anything certain about the companies behind them, however, in 2017, Coinbase reportedly made over $1b in revenue.

5. Matthew Mellon


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $900M – $1B

Mellon is the heir to one of America’s large banking fortunes, so he had the pocket money to invest in Bitcoin. He started early but ended up quitting because he didn’t believe this was a viable investment, so he sold all the Bitcoin he had.

Forbes / © ETHAN PINES, Page Six / © FilmMagic

A few years later, however, he was led back to cryptocurrencies and invested $2m in XRP. He trusted it more because it is one of the few virtual currencies that is compatible with the banking system. In an interview with Forbes, he claimed that crypto is “scary and dark,” due to a lack of regulation.

4. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $900M – $1.1B each

The Winklevoss twins, best known for being swindled out of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, made a huge comeback investing in cryptocurrency. They didn’t only invest in buying crypto; they are big players in the industry around the new currency.

NY Post / © Getty Images

The Winklevoss twins founded Gemini, a competitor of Coinbase, where you can buy and trade cryptocurrency. The twins are known to work closely with regulators, so the services they provide are legally sound; thus, they can dodge any troubles.

3. Changpeng Zhao


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $1B – $2B

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance, an app that currently supports over 120 cryptocurrencies. Zhao, who likes to wear a black hoodie and goes by CZ online, sold his house in Shanghai to be able to invest in cryptocurrency.


Currently, Binance is one of the most reliable and fastest trading services. The app is used by 6 million people, and Zhao has relocated his business to three different countries in order to keep it safe from harsh regulations imposed by some states.

2. Joseph Lubin


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $1B – $5B

Lubin’s past experience and expertise are the perfect combinations to launch a cryptocurrency machine. He worked in robotics and software engineering, moved into finance, working at Goldman Sachs’ private wealth management division.

Irish times,

Naturally, he ventured into cryptocurrency and co-founded Ethereum, and he founded Consensys, which works as a venture production studio for Ethereum, and has over 600 employees. The site provides security audits, token launches, and other services that keep the platform secure.

1. Chris Larsen


Estimated Crypto Net Worth: $7.5B – $8B

Chris Larsen is the richest man in the crypto business. He is the co-founder of Ripple, and he owns over $5.2b in XRP, Ripple’s token. The former Silicon Valley operator applied blockchain technology to facilitate international transactions in the banking system.

Toshi Times, Forbes

According to Forbes, his company controls 61 billion of the available 100 billion XRP in supply. Larsen also has a 17% stake in Ripple; thus, the company is supplying him with a steady income. The ingenious way he applied blockchain techniques to banks is a surefire way of keeping his firm in business: Ripple collaborates with Mitsubishi Financial, Bank of America, and Santander and has over 100 customers.



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