10 US Presidents Who Were Famous For Other Things

By Cristine Parungao

Being a president of a nation is no easy feat, especially if it is a powerful one like the United States. The world watches a president’s every move. Though presidents are often surrounded by supporters, there will always be critics, no matter what. 

There are 44 people who once held the most powerful position in the government of the U.S. President Donald Trump is the 45th president, known to be a businessman himself and a television personality as well. But do you also wonder what former presidents were famous for? 

In this article, we are going to explore the things that former US presidents are known for; from bizarre hobbies and interesting personalities to intriguing things. Read on as we find out the 10 US presidents who were famous for other things

10. Warren Harding


Net Worth: $1 million

When the name Warren Harding is mentioned, most people, especially Americans, believe that he is one of the worst presidents in the history of America. This is because of the pressing controversies that rose after he died. The most common controversy includes his alliance with the Republican Party and supporting legislation for business. 

en.wikipedia.org, vox.com

But even if he is famous for being a president, Harding is also known as the owner of The Marion Star, formerly The Marion Daily Star, an Ohio newspaper organization. Before he was declared the president of the United States by a landslide vote, he used to manage the said organization.

9. Abraham Lincoln


Net Worth: $1 million

Abraham Lincoln has been dubbed one of the best presidents of the United States. He was a self-taught lawyer, legislator, and known opponent of slavery. He is a known dignified leader who freed slaves and guided the U.S. through the Civil War. 

en.wikipedia.org, time.com

However, not a lot of people know that Lincoln was a wrestler before he stepped into the political arena. Having an amazing physique and standing six feet and four inches tall, he was a charmer in the ring. In fact, he was only defeated once in about 300 wrestling matches since he was a teen. 

8. Andrew Johnson


Net Worth: $1 million

The former president Andrew Johnson is a known formal dresser, flashing perfectly-fitted suits during events. There is even news stating that when shaving, Johnson still wore a hat. His taste in clothes come from his experience in being a tailor’s apprentice when he was younger. 

en.wikipedia.org, britannica.com

According to reports, Johnson also made his own clothes and suits. The craftsmanship involved in sewing clothes takes a lot of patience and he seemed to have enjoyed it.

7. James Buchanan


Net Worth: $1 million

The only president that remained a bachelor is James Buchanan. Still today, he remains to be the only president who didn’t marry. Buchanan was famous for being the last president before the start of the Civil War. 

history.com, en.wikipedia.org

Before being elected as president, he was elected five times in the House of Representatives. Afterward, he became Secretary of State and Minister to Great Britain.

6. Millard Fillmore


Net Worth: $4 million

One bizarre thing that former president Millard Fillmore is famous for is his habit of carrying a dictionary with him. Fillmore’s father reportedly owned only three books: a bible, a hymnbook, and an almanac. Therefore, Fillmore had a strong interest in literature and vocabulary. 

biography.com, en.wikipedia.org

According to some reports, he once fought a fire at the Library of Congress to save thousands of books from being destroyed. Fillmore and his wife were the first ones to create the first permanent White House library. 

5. Ronald Reagan


Net Worth: $14.2 million

If you know your history, you know that Ronald Reagan served as the 40th president of the United States. He was highly influential because of his time as a Hollywood actor and union leader. Another thing he’s famous for is his addiction to jelly beans. 

en.wikipedia.org, vox.com

In his time at the White House, Reagan reportedly said that “you can tell a lot about a fellow by his way of eating jelly beans.” True enough, he was able to observe his guests in the way that they jelly beans.

4. John Quincy Adams


Net Worth: $23.3 million

John Quincy Adams is a known political figure, landing the sixth spot as an American president. Before his time in the office, he had served diplomatic positions including being the Secretary of State, under President James Monroe. 

en.wikipedia.org, warontherocks.com

What many people don’t know about Adams is his unique routine during the early mornings. Some resources claimed that Adams loved swimming naked at the White House, as part of his exercise. This has become a controversy when a reporter named Ann Royall stole his clothes in return for an interview.

3. John Tyler


Net Worth: $57.7 million

Music truly binds the soul and heart for former president John Tyler. Before his time as a president, he had considered becoming a concert violinist. However, he instead followed his father’s advice to study law and enter politics. 

en.wikipedia.org, history.com

However, he could be heard in the White House playing music and entertaining guests. His later years were devoted to perfecting his violin skills.

2. James Madison


Net Worth: $113.3 million

One of the world’s most loved desserts, which is ice cream, was actually popularized during James Madison’s time in the office. The fourth president of the United States is a known fan of ice cream, particularly the asparagus flavor. 

biography.com, history.com

According to reports, he had a two-story ice house built under the Temple at Montpelier so he could devour ice cream all summer long. His wife, Dolley’s favorite flavor was oyster.

1. Franklin Roosevelt


Net Worth: $139.7 million

The United States’ 32nd president was Franklin Roosevelt, who is a known stamp collector. He took the hobby of collecting stamps seriously, designing stamps in the 1930s. According to sources, Roosevelt simply loved looking at his vast stamp collection, as a way of relaxation. 

en.wikipedia.org, southcarolinapublicradio.org

Roosevelt collected stamps even when he was a little boy. However, his collection grew as time went by. After he died, his family sold his precious collection at a Harmer Auction.


Before presidents were elected, they had their own personalities, hobbies, and careers that most people don’t know about. The ones listed in this article are only some of the most notable things some U.S. presidents are known for.


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