10 Most Profitable Car Manufacturers in the World

By Bluei Fausto
Nothing suggests luxury and extravagance quite like a brand-new car. From granting you flexibility and independence to promising comfort and convenience, cars serve as the ultimate insignia of the rich. 

Depending on the brand and the model, vehicles have the ability to draw lines that determine existing class fractions. At most, the mere sight of a brand-new model already suggests the current financial standing of its owner.

To let you realize just how extravagant a car could be, we have prepared a list of the 10 most profitable car manufacturers in the world, and just how much each of them costs.

10. Hyundai Motor Co.


Revenue:  $25 billion 

Starting our list is none other than South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, with a recorded $25 billion market capitalization for 2019. Launched in 1967 by founder Chung Ju-Yung, this automaker is the company behind a range of famous car models, such as the Accent, H-100, the Grand Starex, and the Tucson.

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As a car manufacturer, Hyundai is most famous for offering low-priced car models that promise commendable quality that matches its competitors. 

Unlike most automakers, which get their steel from suppliers, Hyundai makes its own steel through Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd. To date, it is identified to be South Korea’s biggest car manufacturer and is reported to own the world’s largest vehicle production plant.

9. Ferrari N.V.


Revenue:  $29 billion

Seating one rank ahead of Hyundai is the Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari, which was said to have bagged a total of $29 billion for 2019. Founded in 1947 by Italian race car driver Enzo Ferrari, the automaker has since then managed to become one of the top car brands in the world, even becoming a symbol for wealth and prestige.

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Each year, Ferrari is said to earn about $1.5 billion of merchandise at outlets worldwide, with products including clothes, watches, shoes, and much more.

8. Ford Motor Co.


Revenue: $36 billion

Coming up on number 8 is the famous Ford Motor Co., which posted a revenue of $36 billion for 2019. Recognized to be one of the oldest car manufacturers, the company boasts of a rich and interesting history.

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Perhaps, one of its greatest contributions in the industry is its introduction of the assembly line for making cars – an invention that is still being used in today’s market.

To date, more than a century since its launch, Ford remains to be one of the largest family-owned businesses in the world, as all of the company’s CEOs have been directly related to the company founder, Henry Ford.

7. Tesla


Revenue:  $39 billion

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Another leading industry player, Tesla has maintained its position as the 7th among all of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world. Named after the physicist Nikolas Tesla, Tesla Motors is most famous for its zero-emission campaign that takes form through their quality electric vehicle offerings. 

To date, Tesla now stands as one of the largest sellers of electric cars in the United States, with its current CEO, Elon Musk, recognized to be the second man in Silicon Valley to bring three companies to over $1 billion in valuations: Tesla, Paypal, and SpaceX.

6. BMW


 Revenue: $42 billion

Securing the number 6 spot with a $42 billion market capitalization is none other than the German car manufacturer BMW. 

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Founded in 1926, BMW operates as a luxury carmaker associated with high-performance vehicles and comfortable driving. However, unlike other luxury car brands such as Ferrari, BMW carries a range of car models that aren’t just limited for the upper elites but also for the average drivers as well.

Originally, the company was built to manufacture airplane engines. However, after the Treaty of Versailles, the firm decided to turn to automobiles. From there on, BMW has managed to rise into becoming one of the most famous car brands in the world.

5. Honda Motor Co. (HMC)


Revenue: $42 billion

Surely, when it comes to car matters, Honda will always find its way into the discussion. Established in 1946 by Soichiro Honda, a genius with no formal education, the company soon rose to become one of the key players in the Japanese car industry.

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More than a decade later, it soon entered the American market and engaged in tough competitions against leading German, French, and American brands.

To date, Honda is considered to be the 5th most profitable car manufacturer in the world, recording a market capitalization of $42 billion – an amount that bested even Ferrari, Ford, and Tesla.

4. Daimler AG


Revenue: $49 billion

Daimler AG, commonly known as Mercedes, maybe in a steady slump over the last four years, but despite the decline, the automaker still managed to bag a staggering $49 billion in 2019, giving it the 4th spot in our list.

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Formed in 1886, the company operates as a luxury and family automobile brand that takes pride in its Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans, Daimler Trucks & Buses, and Daimler Mobility divisions. In 2019 alone, the Group had a workforce of around 298,700 and was reported to have sold a total of 3.34 million vehicles.

3. General Motors Co.


Revenue: $52 billion

Standing ahead of Daimler is none other than the American multinational corporation General Motors. Founded in 1906, the company currently stands as one of the biggest car manufacturer companies in the U.S., with operations extending to more than 37 countries worldwide.

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Given its age, GM also carries a long and interesting history. Perhaps, one among the most astonishing is the fact that it is the company who manufactured the Lunar Roving Vehicle, aka the Moon Buggy, which was used during the Apollo 15 mission.

They are also the first automaker to bring an air conditioning system into their invention and the first to hit $1 billion in sales in 1955.

To date, the company stands as the 3rd most profitable carmaker in the world, serving as a home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet.

2. Volkswagen


Revenue: $80 billion

Believe it or not, Volkswagen isn’t actually the top car manufacturer in the world. However, it remains to be a global leader in the industry, securing the second spot with a whopping $80 billion market capitalization. 

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Founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, Volkswagen has stood to be a huge brand name for many years, introducing tons of iconic car models, such as the Beetle and the Volkswagen Type 2.

To date, it takes pride in its luxurious and competitive models, including The Crafter, The Tiguan, and The Lamando.

1. Toyota Motor Corp.


Revenue: $211 billion

Finally, for the most profitable car manufacturer in the world, Toyota has once again proven itself to be the undefeated king in the industry. 

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Founded in 1937, the brand has soon emerged to become a worldwide phenomenon. Originally, their first fleet of cars was used for war purposes. However, after the World War, the manufacturer soon shifted its focus to creating passenger cars for civilians in 1947.

Similar to Ford, Toyota works as a family business. This means that all its CEOs are direct descendants of the company’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda.

For 2019 alone, Toyota Motor Corp is reported to have earned a whopping $211 billion.



Did you have fun going through our list of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world? From Hyundai Ferrari, GM, to Toyota, these 10 outstanding producers who currently lead the global vehicle manufacturing industry proved that autos, indeed, remain to be the ultimate communicators of comfort, luxury, and wealth.

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