Blog Richlist: The Top 20 Highest Paid Bloggers in the World

By Margaux Pangilinan

In today’s digital world, where information can be accessed online, bloggers capitalize on their pages to generate a sustainable income. Monetizing blogs through sponsored and search engine advertising are the popular forms of pay-per-click or PPC.

Believe it or not, there are bloggers that earn millions of dollars due to the number of readers and web visitors they pull in. Some blogs are personal, while others are about politics, lifestyle, health, and business.

Have you wondered what type of money these people really make? Read on to discover the top 20 highest paid bloggers in the world.

20. Rand Fishkin


Net worth: $900,000

Search engine optimization genius Rand Fishkin is the man behind the SEOmoz. Aside from the blog, Fishkin also developed the Moz toolset that can help with SEO requirements like auditing, rank tracking, and backlink analysis.

Moz, Search Engine Land

Fishkin helps bloggers with top marketing articles to increase their blogs’ online presence and performance.

19. Abby Lawson


Net worth: $1 Million

Abby Lawson of Just A Girl And Her Blog is another successful blogger earning approximately $41,000 annually. What sets her blog apart from other lifestyle blogs is not just the entertainment value but also the educational value. Just A Girl And Her Blog educates readers about health, personal finance, home improvement and other topics.

@abbyorganizes /, @abbyorganizes /

Lawson’s income is from affiliate marketing and 35% for her own products and services. She offers a three-part workshop that cost $99.

18. Ryan Robinson


Net worth: $1 Million

One of the successful bloggers that earn thousands of dollars a month is Ryan Robinson. He started his blog, in 2014 and capitalizes on the finance niche. Robinson talks about money, blogging, and profitable sale opportunities in his blog.

@TheRyanRobinson /, @ryrob /

Five years after Robinson’s blog was launched, he now makes more than $50,000 a month, mainly from affiliate earnings and 10% from online course sales.

17. Elisa Larson and Emma Chapman


Net worth: $1 Million

Creators of the A Beautiful Mess blog are Elisa Larson and Emma Chapman. Both are earning more than $100,000 a month from their blog advertisement and digital courses. They are also sponsored by different brands to capitalize on their blog with massive visits.

@abeautifulmess /, Design Sponge

The two are all over social media, providing content about DIY projects to Instagram tips, health, advice, and more. Although their blog has varying focuses, readers are populating their website.

16. Jeff Rose


Net worth: $1 Million

Money talks are Jeff Rose’s foundation for earning a hundred thousand dollars a month. His blog, Good Financial Cents has more than 150,000 visits a day, exploring content about money, investment, and financial freedom.

Grant Baldwin, Business Insider

Rose definitely knows what he is talking about on his blog because he practices financial planning. More than saving money, he also touches on the concepts of investing, retirement, paying off debt, and insurance. According to Create And Go, Rose earns approximately $138,000 a month from affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and financial planning practice.

15. Steve and Jennifer Chou


Net worth: $1.2 Million

The couple behind the famous blog, My Wife Quit Her Job, Steve and Jennifer Chou make use of relatable stories and content to get more readers. Their personal blog makes more than $80,000 a month from sponsorships, advertising, and affiliate marketing.

My Wife Quit Her Job, Forbes

Steve and Jennifer’s blog focuses on e-commerce and how to make money online. The two are selling their digital product on their website and offer a free 6-day course for starters.

14. Rosemarie Groner


Net worth: $1.2 Million

Before her blog became a success, Rosemarie Groner was another typical employee earning enough to help her husband raise their family. When Groner started her blog, she tackled everything about money in general, how to save and reduce expenses, and how to discover more avenues for extra income.

Side Hustle Nation, @thebusybudgeter /

Now, with an average of 100,000 readers a month, Groner’s blog Busy Budgeter earns $86,000 a month from sponsored content, ads, and affiliates. In addition, she also utilizes her blog to sell her Budget Boot Camp privileges to subscribers. Approximately 60% of her income comes from selling her own products in her blog.

13. Lauren McManus


Net worth: $2 Million

Creator of is Lauren McManus, who tackles health and weight loss programs. The blog has massive visits of more than 250,000 a month, which pays about $150,000 monthly. McManus creates content about recipes, best supplements, and healthy living blogs that people can relate to.

@laurenitous /, @laurenitous /

McManus uses her blog’s vast reader population to get sponsors from weight-loss brands. She features a lot of products from her blog while also advertising her 21-day Fat Loss Challenge and Yoga Poses For Fat Loss.

12. Jon Morrow


Net worth: $2 Million

Another prominent name in blogging is Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger. Morrow publishes content about earning money through affiliate marketing, direct publishing, and advertisement. His blog helps readers find another source of income by writing compelling content that people actually consume.

Marketing for Owners,

Aside from his blog, Morrow also sells products and services that can help individuals improve their writing skills and more. Morrow earns more than 100,000 a month from his blog and his products.

11. Peter Rojas


Net worth: $3.2 Million

Tech and design blog Gizmodo is one of the most successful blogs in the world, with revenue of about $325,000 monthly. Founder and creator Peter Rojas started the blog in 2002, after he got laid off from a job he was working. Rojas has been working in the field of business tech since; that’s how he came up with an idea of creating his own space, where he can freely publish content.

Tom Tom Festival, Wired

Fast forward to today; Rojas earns more than half a million monthly from blog advertisements and sponsorships. He also works with international firms who are interested in getting featured in Gizmodo.

10. Pat Flynn


Net worth: $10 Million

The mastermind of the SmartPassiveIncome blog is Pat Flynn, considered as a passive income whiz. Being an expert in the subject, he was able to build his empire by publishing content related to LEED and online business. His blog has a massive following, which explains why Flynn earns millions of dollars annually.

Pat Flynn,

Flynn also offers short courses on his blog to help readers build a business that works for them in terms of budget, passion, and knowledge. Aside from the blog, he also makes use of podcasts to cater to the needs of his followers.

9. Darren Rowse


Net worth: $15 Million

One of the pioneer bloggers that made it to success is Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger. Rowse started blogging as a hobby way back in 2009. He got into writing as a form of exercising his passion for communication and community.

ProBlogger, Foundr

Now, Rowse earns more than $40,000 a month for his business blog, selling a course on how to effectively build a better blog in just 31 days. His main personal blog gets more than 100,000 page views a day, earning $10M annually.

8. Timothy Sykes


Net worth: $15 Million

Stock trader genius and blogger Timothy Sykes earns a monthly income of $200,000 from his blog, TimothySykes. He publishes content related to stock trading and making a profit.

TimothySykes, TimothySykes

Sykes offers alerts for daily chatroom, access to stock watch lists, and real-time trade alerts. The rate starts at $74.95 a month and goes up to $149.95 for premium access.

7. Michael Arrington


Net worth: $15 Million

The man behind Tech Crunch is none other than Michael Arrington. He publishes content related to anything technology. According to reports, Arrington earns more than $3 million a year from his blogs’ affiliate and sponsorship deals. Arrington is said to be the richest blogger in the world. / © JOHN KEATLEY,

6. Alborz Fallah


Net worth: $20 Million

One of the youngest millionaires that comes from blogging is the 24-year-old Alborz Fallah. His name sparked attention way back in 2016 when he sold his 10 websites for a total of $35M. His blog, CarAdvice, publishes contents about cars, money-making, business, and technology updates., My Business

Fallah is earning more than $125,000 monthly through sponsored content, affiliate deals, and advertising, mostly. CarAdvice is now considered one of Australia’s trusted car advice websites, comprised of more than 30 people.

5. Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr.


Net worth: $30 Million

The man behind one of the most famous gossip websites, Perez Hilton, is Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr. According to Forbes, Perez Hilton earns half a million dollars a month from a variety of sponsors around the world. His blog opened up a huge opportunity for him to up his career in show business, serving as a celebrity gossip commentator and host.


Now, Perez Hilton has more than 2 million page views per day with $575,000 in revenue a month.

4. Pete Cashmore


Net worth: $47 Million

CEO and Founder of his blog, Mashable, is Pete Cashmore. According to reports, Cashmore loves writing and he is passionate about trending topics in the world.


Cashmore writes about topics related to Technology, Business, Science, Entertainment, and Culture. His company Mashable is worth more than $200 million.

3. Arianna Huffington


Net worth: $50 Million

President and editor-in-chief of one of the biggest news websites in the world, Huffington Post, is Arianna Huffington. She writes about different topics like technology, science, news, and more.

@ariannahuff /, Huff Post / DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS

Huffington is earning more than $3 million a year and has an estimated net worth of $50M.

2. Vitaly Friedman


Net worth: $95 Million

Creating websites can be frustrating for beginners and tricky for the most part, but it is a good market for content creators. Vitaly Friedman recognizes the need to produce blogs about website creation, web design, and web development. His blog, Smashing Magazine, earns more than $200,000 monthly.

Front Conference,

Smashing Magazine started conferences in 2012, inviting tech giant firms to provide tutorials about web development and web design.

1. Collis Ta’eed


Net worth: $184 Million

Dubbed as one of the richest bloggers in the world, Collis Ta’eed earns $40 million from his blog, Envato. Being in the business of graphic design, Ta’eed writes related content to web design, WordPress, and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Josh Speaking, Post Status

Ta’eed is also the CEO of Envato, which has over 8 million projects completed. He also sells tutorial videos, online courses, and digital assets.



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