How to Get Cash in The Sims Mobile

BY Joao C.

Many of us have grown up playing The Sims. It allowed us to enter a world where we were free to push boundaries not only by creating beautifully complex architectural pieces but also engage in real-life scenarios. However, all of these were limited by being required to use a computer to play.

Thankfully, The Sims Mobile came to our devices, later on, allowing us to play wherever we might be. From partying with friends to building neighborhoods, this mobile game provided us with an engaging and creative outlet. 

One of the prized currencies of this game is no doubt Sims Cash. With this, you purchase a variety of items and enhance your gameplay. If you are an avid player of this game, chances are you are also looking for ways to earn SimsCash. We’re here to tell you how. 

How to Get Cash in The Sims Mobile

What Is The Sims Mobile and How Is It Played?

The Sims Mobile is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices developed and launched by Electronic Arts (EA). It can be found both on the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

As you might already know, The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game that allows players to create and control their own characters or Sims. It is mostly based on The Sims and The Sims FreePlay.

The main objective of The Sims Mobile is to help players create new worlds. Here, they can build houses and neighborhoods, create unique characters, start jobs and families, and many others. Just imagine the possibilities you can do – all from playing from your trusty mobile device.

Importance of SimsCash in the Game

Sims Cash is the primary and the premium currency in the game. It is mainly used to purchase Simoleons and in increasing the energy levels of Sims

At the same time, this currency is also important in helping users purchase in-game items and enhancing the lifestyle of their Sims. 

For many individuals, having a lot of SimsCash on hand is essential. Apart from increasing or speeding up the timer and skipping certain activities, this can be used to purchase furniture, decorations, and more importantly, make repairs for your Sims’ houses. This also comes in handy when customizing your Sim.

How to Earn Cash

If you are wondering how to earn cash legally, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these tried and tested ways you can gain more Sims Cash.

Take Part in Quests and Finish Your To-Do List

One of the ways you can gain more cash is through participating in quests. Each week, The Sims Mobile will provide tasks or quests that you are required to complete within the timeframe given. 

Each quest comes with five stages, with each completed stage being rewarded 1 SimsCash and 200 Simoleons. So, completing all the tasks for the week will give you 5 SimsCash and 1,000 Simoleons. 

If you want to do smaller tasks without the commitment, you can also tick off some items from the To-Do List. However, these tend to offer smaller rewards. 

Each completed To-Do List item will allow you to get 3 SimsCash and 200 experience points

Watch Video Advertisements

Another easy way of earning cash is by watching video commercials or advertisements. There are a ton of opportunities to watch these, so make sure not to miss any. 

You will be given the option to watch ads every single time you have successfully completed a task, a hobby event, or a relationship. 

Afterward, the rewards you have earned will be posted on the screen, with the mobile game giving you an option to watch ads to earn more cash. 

Apart from completing the said activities, you can also take it upon yourself to watch ads by clicking on the mailbox found outside your Sims’ home. Alternatively, you can also watch ads by tapping the blue triangle hovering above objects. 

Play The Sims Mobile Every Day

This already goes without saying. However, taking an active role in your Sims’ success will allow them to level up more, thereby giving you more chances to earn more cash, unlock new home items, and more. 

You can level up by making your Sim work, having a relationship, or through hobby events. 

The secret is letting your Sim work. While The Sims Mobile does not impose needs on Sims, working allows you to earn cash

Cash, in turn, can be used to repair houses, equipment, and of course, enrich and complement your Sims’ overall lifestyle. 

Consider Purchasing In-Game Specials

If you are not above spending your real cash and investing in the game, you may want to check out The Sims Mobile in-game specials. These offer Sims Cash prices at a discounted rate, allowing you to get more in return.

For example, depending on the deal for the week, you can get 250 Sims Cash for just $4.99. This option is best if you are in a pinch and are in need of money rather quickly. 

These deals can change from time to time, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

How to Get Cash in The Sims Mobile

The Bottom Line

Playing this mobile game certainly has become a way of life for us. With these helpful tips on how to earn cash, you can easily grow and fund your Sims towards the life you want them to lead.

FIFA 2021: Know How to Get Free Fifa Points

BY Joao C.

Football is undeniably a popular sport, with millions of fans across the world. Even in video games, there are people who want to play the famous football players like Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Bruyne, and others. 

FIFA 2021 is the most anticipated football simulation video game that was released last October. For fans of the sport, this is a big deal because of the new updates in the game, modes, gameplay, and more. 

Just like other popular video games, FIFA 2021 also features a unique currency that players can use to enhance their team, ultimate packs, and drafts. Read on to learn how you can score free Fifa points and where to use them. 

FIFA 2021: Know How to Get Free Fifa Points

FIFA 2021 Release and New Features

This EA Sports title was recently released, offering new modes and updates. The original release date was pushed back to October because of the global pandemic. Anyone who pre-ordered the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition can download the game as early as Oct. 6, 2020.

For the standard version, the price of FIFA 2021 is at $59.99 for PC, Xbox, PS4/PS5, and $49.99 for the Nintendo Switch. The Champions edition costs roughly $79.99, while for Ultimate, the price is at $99.99. Obviously, the price of Ultimate is higher for the special FUT kits, gold packs, and Icons. 

For the new features, PS5 players can get faster load times, responsive haptic feedback, and an improved lighting system to make the game more realistic. The audio is also enhanced for an immersive stadium experience, where players look like real-life counterparts. 

There’s also a new Quick Sim option or mode, allowing players a new Active Training System to increase skills and capabilities on the field. Artificial intelligence is also activated, with fresh new ways to handle loan-to-buy options and future fees. 

New Updates and Modes

New updates on the gameplay are also added, including the new attacking systems like positioning personality, creative runs, and agile dribbling. In addition, players can also create more fluid goals, for a more realistic playing experience.

A Competitor Mode provides a better tactical understanding of skill moves, for a more competitive game. The Ultimate edition also introduces a new roster of heroes and icons for the new season. Eric Cantona returns with more imagery and skills. 

New icons included in FIFA 2021 include Xavi and Nemanja Vidic, Ferenc Puskas, Ashley Cole, and Fernando Torres. 

Get Free Fifa Points

More than buying new icons or players, you can also use Fifa points to get the FUT Draft Mode available within the Ultimate Team. This mode rewards players with tradable packs, coins, and tokens. 

Some players collect these coins to buy tradable items and players. Unless you want to spend real money to get Fifa points, you can buy vouchers to get rewarded with points. 

Buy Points with Real Money

In case you’re buying, the price of Fifa points depends on the season available. For FIFA 2021, every 100 Fifa Points cost $0.99

Players can save more by buying bulk Fifa Points, like 12,000 for $99.99. This is big money but you can do a lot of things with that kind of game currency. 

Note that buying directly from EA Access permits a 10 percent discount on all other transactions. 

Xbox Gift Vouchers

Another way of acquiring Fifa points is by buying Xbox card vouchers. If you have friends, you can even get these vouchers for free, and in return, you can also gift them these nifty cards. 

One can also buy a card or code purchased from retailers like Amazon. 

FIFA 2021: Know How to Get Free Fifa Points
Image Source: FIFPlay


Getting free Fifa points isn’t hard, as long as you are willing to trade real money for the game’s currency. If you have friends, you can also trade vouchers and collect Fifa points to get a boost in the game, purchase new icons or players, and get new drafts. 

For more information, visit EA Sports’ website today. 

Know How to Get Free Coins and Spins on Coin Master

BY Joao C.

If you are an avid video game player, chances are you have already come across Coin Master. After all, this is one of the top games on the App Store today. Many individuals have gotten the hang of this game, much similar to Candy Crush back in the day. 

With its highly engaging graphics and great gameplay, it comes as no surprise that this has secured one of the tops spots today. The entire game banks on winning highly coveted spins, coins, shields, and more via a virtual slot machine. 

For those of you who are intrigued about this video game or simply those who are interested in getting more free coins and spins, you have certainly come to the right place. Take a look at how you can do all of these and more.

Know How to Get Free Coins and Spins on Coin Master

What Is Coin Master?

Coin Master is all about coins. It is a single-player, casual mobile game that is free to use and download. The main objective of the game is to earn coins with the help of the virtual slot machine and use these earnings to build an empire within the Viking villages. 

The game seems to be inspired by the rich and somewhat violent nature of the Vikings. After building your own village, you’re encouraged to pillage and destroy the neighboring villages and take the coins of these villages. 

Apart from earning coins, the virtual slot machine also gives users the chance to get more spins, weapons, shields, hammers, and other tools that help defend villages. A true game of chance, luck, and skill, most of the upgrades and winnings depend on what the coin slot gives you.

Brief History Behind Coin Master 

While this video game has risen as one of the top mobile games of today, Coin Master was actually created back in 2010 by Moon Active LTD and released in 2016. The game only gained popularity after the developers uploaded a new trailer of it on the social media platform YouTube in 2018. 

Since then, the game has been downloaded millions of times, making it one of the most-loved games in the world. It has surged to the top in both the Google Play Store and in fourth place in the Apple App Store. 

Learn How to Get Coins and Spins on Coin Master

Each player gets five spins per hour. At any given time, the game only gives out a maximum of 50 spins. While this can be plenty and more than enough for some, hardcore gamers will find this insufficient when playing for longer periods of time. 

This is why many players want to learn how to get coins on Coin Master. Take a look at the tips below. 

Check Out Daily Links

One of the best and easiest ways you can get more coins is by checking the official Coin Master social media profiles. Besides Facebook, they also make announcements via Instagram and Twitter, where you can get coins and spins. 

Depending on the daily link, you can collect anywhere from 25 additional spins to two million coins. Other lucky links have 10 spins and one million coins in just one go. 

Get Your Facebook Friends to Play

Another way you can get more coins and spins is by inviting your Facebook friends to play Coin Master. As a matter of fact, connecting your account alone to Facebook will already get you 50 spins. 

Once a Facebook friend accepts the invitation and plays the game, you are entitled to get 40 free spins. 

Share the Love

When you have already built a sizeable community with your Facebook friends, you can share by gifting spins and coins their way. You can send and receive a total of up to 100 spins per day. 

Watch Video Advertisements

Coin Master makes a huge part of its earnings with the help of advertisements. So, watching this actually allows them not only to earn a commission but also to give you more spins a day. 

Wait it Out

While this may already be a no-brainer, waiting for each hour to come is essential. Since each hour gives you a maximum of five spins, you can wait a total of 10 hours to get a total of 50 spins. 

Although this may not be exactly the most optimal of choices, this will still give you ample time to play while spacing out your efforts. 

Consider Levelling Up Your Village

Every time you successfully level up your gameplay and boost your village’s ranking, you’ll also be able to get free spins. With the free coins and spins you’ll be getting, however, this is sure to be an investment that will only reap more rewards over time. 

Know How to Get Free Coins and Spins on Coin Master

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the easiest and most effective ways you can get free coins and spins on Coin Master. With these tricks, you can not only level up your game and upgrade your village, but you’ll also have endless amounts of fun while attempting to get spins and coins. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi Anywhere with the Best Apps on Google Play

BY Joao C.

In this fast-paced and highly technological world, the need for WiFi and an effective Internet connection is a must wherever you go. Apart from being able to communicate with family and friends, many rely on such networks in order to work effectively and efficiently.

Because of this, learning how to find free WiFi anywhere is essential. Thankfully, there are mobile applications you can download to help you find a free internet connection wherever you might be. 

For those who are eager to know how to get WiFi, below are apps you can check out. This way, you no longer have to content yourself with being cut-off from the world. Take a look. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi Anywhere with the Best Apps on Google Play

App to Find Free WiFi – Check These Out

To help you find connections near you, we’ll take a look at three of the best find WiFi app systems you can download on your smartphone. These programs are designed to scan your area and search for available WiFi networks. 

Find Wi-Fi – Automatically Connect to Free Wi-Fi (WeFi)

Find Wi-Fi – Automatically Connect to Free Wi-Fi, otherwise known as WeFi, is an app created by WeFi itself. The program boasts of having the largest collection of free and safe WiFi hotspots in the world. 

What’s more, WeFi works not only by providing users with a comprehensive list of WiFi networks, but also by automatically connecting individuals to the best Internet connection available. This allows individuals to conserve their precious data and battery life. 

In the event that WiFi connections in the area are intermittent, users won’t have to fear getting cut off from their Internet use, as WeFi ensures a seamless switch to any network. People will also have the chance to select their preferred connections and save them on the app.

To use the WeFi app, users are required to download and install this on their device. From there, be sure to enable your location settings so that you can gain access to nearby free WiFi hotspots via its Wi-Fi finder map and locator. 

Free WiFi

Another worthy option to consider is no other than Free WiFi. Developed by Wilman, this mobile application is unique in its own right. It was even awarded by Google as one of the 18 most beautiful apps in 2015 under the ‘Best-in-Class Android Design’ category.

Its main come-on is that it allows individuals to connect to the Internet for free without the need for visible passwords. 

With over 60,000,000 hotspots worldwide, this app brings you closer to some of the nearby networks available in your area. It automatically connects users to millions of the free WiFi hotspots shared by the community around the globe. 

While you may balk at the very idea of foregoing passwords to connect to the Internet, this mobile app ensures that you can find free WiFi anywhere without compromising your safety and security

More on Safety Features

One of the ways it safeguards your safety is that it instantly connects to the Internet without needing your passwords to become visible. In addition, you can also keep tabs on your usage through the stats provided in the app. You can even lock your WiFi anytime

Available connections are also rated accordingly. This gives you more insight into the reliability and strength of the connection, as well as its possible risks and safety concerns. 

Similar to the previous application, Free WiFi has a WiFi Manager that gives you the ability to choose your preferred connections. With this, you can immediately become connected to your desired network and even get notifications about your connections.

In the event that you’re going to another country or city, the great thing about this program is that you can download offline WiFi maps. This gives you ideas of places or areas you can go to for free without needing to open your WiFi. 

Special Features

What sets this app apart from the rest is that it comes with rewards points the more you use it. As you explore more features and generate more actions, the more points you’ll get. 

To use this app, simply download this on the Google Play Store, and select the city you are in or are traveling to. Upon scrolling the map, you can find the open connections near you. 

Free WiFi App: passwords, hotspots

Last but certainly not least on our list of apps is the Free WiFi App: passwords, hotspots created by TSDC. This generates a list of available free WiFi hotspots in 150 countries with a total of 120 million connections. 

If you’re wondering how to get WiFi, all you need to do is download and check out this program. It contains an extensive collection of offline maps and a password database that allows you to find and connect to the Internet without any charge. 

Once you have gained access to your desired Internet connection, you’re free to share the WiFi password with friends, family, or other individuals in your known network simply by tapping ‘Share’ on the app. 

Moreover, the offline maps feature allows you to select regions or areas you need to find hotspots in or even download the offline maps for the whole world. It can also find major American networks such as AT&T, Optimum, TWC, Xfinity, and many others.

User-Friendly Features

To make your user experience better, this also comes with over 500,000 in-depth reviews from users. These provide comments and ratings to give you a better view of the type of connections or hotspots you have on hand. 

Besides the aforementioned features, individuals using this mobile application can also check their connection speeds. With this, you no longer have to fear poor connections ever again, especially when you get to choose what you connect to.

Bear in mind, however, that the free Internet connections available are limited by time and traffic. While this may be a downside for some, you can easily connect to the other available networks the app finds for you.

Learn How to Find Free WiFi Anywhere with the Best Apps on Google Play

The Bottom Line

A find WiFi app certainly comes in handy if you’re looking to have complimentary access to the Internet. With these downloaded to your mobile device, you can successfully find network connections in a breeze. 

Mobile Legends – Know How to Get Free Skins

BY Joao C.

Mobile gaming has reached a whole new level – not only with handheld gaming consoles but also with your regular smartphone. Even if your device is not designed specifically for heavy gaming, you can still play top games at a decent quality.

Over recent years, one of the most significant developments in the mobile gaming world has been the meteoric rise of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It brought the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) format on mobile

One of the most talked-about aspects of this game are skins and other elements that let players modify the appearance of their characters. In fact, gamers pay good money to acquire these items. However, you can get them for free in a completely legal manner. Here’s how.

Mobile Legends - Know How to Get Free Skins

Mobile Legends Gameplay

For the uninitiated, MOBA games like Mobile Legends are a kind of strategy game. What makes them unique is that gamers control a character equipped with a unique set of skills and abilities that can contribute to the battle. 

Two teams will battle it out in the arena with various goals such as destroying Towers and Turrets, clearing Jungles, and obliterating Enemy Bases. Each team has five players and the perfect combination of skills within a team can help you win.

As mentioned, your hero has a defined set of skills and abilities. The thing about these games is that you can improve these attributes in order to strengthen your hero. As you play more, your hero also improves more. Plus, you familiarize yourself with this particular hero.

What you need to know is that you have access to some heroes for free. Even when players pay for characters, they can still choose from the same set of heroes. Because of this, your character can look exactly the same as other players. The best way to make your hero distinct is to equip skins and other cosmetic items. With this, you can differentiate yourself from others. 

The Importance of Skins and Other Cosmetic Elements

While appearance may seem a minor improvement to your game, they play a significant role in other aspects. Check out some of the most vital contributions they offer.

Making Your Character Stand Out

As mentioned, you are bound to encounter another player with the same exact look as your character. This is because you are choosing in a pool of heroes that have basic skins. The most significant way to make yourself stand out is by equipping skins

The game releases a lot of free skins, which means that you can improve your appearance without even spending a dime. Collect a few skins, and you can switch from one façade to another. 

Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

Keep in mind that skins do not affect how you play. After all, it takes time and effort for players to truly master the hero they want, and this greatly affects your performance. What skins effect, though, are additional statistics. 

Remember that the strength of your character’s abilities is influenced by stats. So, while skins do not affect the way you play, it can help you perform better with fortified abilities. 

Intimidating Enemies

Let’s be honest. If you see a player with premium skins, the first thing that comes to your mind is that they have invested a lot in this game, and this can be in the form of money, time, and effort.

Because of this, they must be a strong player. With this mindset, you are already affected by your enemy, and it can reflect on your performance.

It is only reasonable to acknowledge that having unique skins can mean that the player is good, even when their skins are free. It only shows that they have spent enough time and have played (and won) a lot of times in order to get these free skins. 

As mentioned, spending time and effort on the game can make you a good player. So, while it may not be true that players with premium and unique skins are strong ones, they deserve some merit for the resources they have sunk into the app.

Adding to the Fun

With games like these, the main attraction is a competitive nature and the fun they offer. For Mobile Legends, the portability of the platform is one of the most important factors that made this game popular. 

The ability to change skins gives additional flavor to the already great app. After all, who does not want to play their favorite character in costumes or themed outfits?

How to Get Free Skins Legally

The best way to get free skins Mobile Legends is to just keep on playing. This game is very rewarding if you consistently log on and participate in battles. Of course, you get bonus points when you win

One of the ways to get free skins is through rewards, which you can get as you win or as you increase your level.

Another way is via the same method, but this time, with gold. You might be wondering: Isn’t gold supposed to be purchased with real money? Well, yes, but the thing is, the game also gives it as a reward sometimes.

What you just need to do is to accumulate the right amount of gold and purchase the skin you want without spending any real money. Sometimes, you will encounter redemption codes, which you just need to enter through the website along with your Game ID. 

This can also give you rewards of all kinds. If you are lucky, you might be able to get gold, which you can use to purchase skins. Better yet, you might get a unique skin for your favorite hero

Mobile Legends - Know How to Get Free Skins

The Bottom Line

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is definitely a great game with or without customizing your character. However, it is more fun to play it with all the benefits skins have to offer. 

So, make sure to exert more time and effort in the app and you are bound to get a modest collection of cosmetic items!

The Top 10 Smartest People In The World

BY Mirka Santos

The world today has born witness to an impressive range of advancements, from the creation of the internet to various other discoveries. We are enjoying a wide variety of technological and scientific innovations that have made their way into our everyday lives. In fact, there is a whole lot still being studied and a whole lot more to uncover. 

All this development is thanks to intelligent individuals who have devoted their lives to their field. In various fields like science and technology, mathematics, the arts, social sciences, and the humanities, there are geniuses who have dedicated their efforts towards advancing their respective areas of expertise. Their combined efforts have definitely paved the way for the breakthroughs we are seeing today.

While you can bet that Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci are some of the smartest people in history, you might be wondering who the smartest people alive are. Here is a list of living individuals who have the highest Intelligence quotient (IQ) in the world. 

What It’s Like to Fly Etihad First Class

BY Nora Mathe

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, after Emirates Airlines. It was founded in 2003 and since then it has made itself a name with a 113-plane fleet and its incredibly luxurious first-class experience.

Etihad’s slogan is “from Abu Dhabi to the world”; they have flights to 81 destinations worldwide and serve the wealthy, with luxury experiences that would cost you a pretty penny.

Let’s have a look at 10 of the fanciest amenities the airline has to offer!

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts And Who Owns Them

BY Nora Mathe

Yachts are a luxury most of us have never known because of their immense price tag. Some of us have only ever seen such a luxurious boat on television, or maybe we’ve been on a cruise ship around the Caribbean.

But that is the closest we can get to a luxury yacht, which is just another item of self-indulgence for a billionaire.

The wealthier among us may rent one, and the extremely wealthy own one! Billionaire families spend their summers sailing the ocean in these magnificent beasts, and we are taking a look at just how much they cost! Let’s explore the top 10 most expensive yachts and who owns them!

The Top 10 Richest People Who Invested In Apple (And How Much They’re Worth)

BY Nora Mathe

One of the most successful companies of all time, Apple is valued to be worth over 1 trillion dollars. The firm’s sleek designs and trendy tech gadgets have been dominating the market ever since their first appearance.

But even Apple came from humble beginnings. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched the company in 1976, shortly after the finalization of the first Apple computer.

Since then, their innovative ideas and products have become widespread all over the world. None of this could have been achieved without the help of their investors. Let’s have a look at the most important and wealthiest people who invested in Apple and how much they’re worth!

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World (And Who Drives Them)

BY Nora Mathe

When you have a lot of money, one of the staple items you own is a luxurious car. And when you have billions of dollars to your name, that car can be the fanciest, most luxurious thing one could ever imagine.

Today’s supercars, whose prices go up to the tens of millions, are just a breath away from driving themselves around and offer luxuries that can compete with the everyman’s home.

We are counting down the top 10 most expensive cars and their owners!