These 10 Tech Companies Make the Most in the Market

BY Cristine Parungao

<pThe tech sector continues to progress as the world shifts to digital technology. From smartphones to computers and cloud storage, tech companies develop essential products and services for the benefit of the people and of businesses. 

<pThere was a time when the top tech companies only came from the United States, particularly in Silicon Valley. But today, Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea are thriving. Brands like Samsung and Huawei reached Western countries, slowly expanding their reach around the world. 

<pHere are the top 10 tech companies with the highest annual revenues. All of these companies reached the unicorn status long before gadgets became common, like smartphones and computers. Read on to find out the tech companies that made it to the top ten highest ranks.

10 New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap

BY Bluei Fausto

It is no secret that some new cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, over the years, these machines have long been perceived to be symbols of luxury and privilege. Celebrities, business moguls, and popular sports personalities are deeply associated with the idea of luxurious and bank-breaking auto models.

However, would you believe us if we were to say that there are brand-new vehicles that are insanely cheap? Yep, you’ve read that right. Not second-hand but fresh-from-the-factory vehicles! From Nissan to Kia to Chevrolet to Toyota, there are tons of popular brands that offer affordable cars for you to check out.

Below, we have prepared a rundown of the most budget-friendly brand-new cars that are sure to bring you the flexibility, comfort, and freedom you want — without draining your bank account! Excited to learn about them? Continue reading to find out more.

10 Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

BY Cristine Parungao

Many people are fond of creating a bucket list meant to complete or somehow make their lives meaningful. It can include things they want to do, the food they want to eat, or people they want to meet. The list can also include the top places people want to visit before they die. 

If you are a traveler you know that there are thousands of beautiful places you can visit. Be it a sacred place, distant locations, or famous landmarks, you can always find adventure. Even further, these must-see sites are scattered all over the world.

It only makes sense that some of the worlds most iconic and phenomenal landmarks are part of your list. If you are creating a bucket list, here are recommendations for 10 beautiful places to visit before you die.