The Most Profitable Celebrity Brands Today

BY Mirka Santos

In a way, the fame enjoyed by celebrities has made their names easily recognizable brands, which can yield profits. Just look at big production companies hiring hot and trending stars for their projects.

These celebrities definitely recognize such an advantage, which could be why they ventured into business doing something they care or are passionate about. These celebrity brands are usually in the fashion and beauty industries. 

Wondering what the most profitable celebrity brands are? This list gives you ten of the most successful and thriving brands from the rich and famous.

The Wealthiest Women from “Basketball Wives”

BY Bluei Fausto

Are you fond of the American TV series “Basketball Wives”? From wild parties to outrageous fights to dreamy demonstrations of people’s day-to-day lives, it’s no denying that the series is full of drama and action. With this, it’s no surprise that viewers remain attached to the series despite nearly a decade since its launch.

However, while the wealthy background of the characters making up the reality TV series isn’t ground-breaking news anymore, identifying the richest among them remains to be a wonder for many. After all, being the wife or girlfriend of a pro basketball player already suggests immense wealth.

If you’re one of those who are curious about the subject, you’ve come to the right article. Here, we have prepared a countdown of the wealthiest women from Basketball Wives. Excited to know each of them? Check them out below!

The Wealthiest Women from the “Real Housewives” Shows

BY Cristine Parungao

The Real Housewives franchise is a long-standing television series on Bravo. The first installation of the series premiered in 2006 and its success led to more seasons throughout the years. Aside from the interesting plot, viewers are also glued to the cast of the show, particularly the rich housewives. 

Among the Housewivesfranchise, The Real Housewives of Orange City holds the title for the longest-running series, now on the 13th season. The women who are part of the franchise never fail to surprise viewers and flaunt their wealth in front of the camera. 

While the show features real-life elites and socialites of the United States, there are ten women who defined wealth on a whole new level. Here are the wealthiest women from the show based their net worth.

10 of the Wealthiest Governors in the US

BY Mirka Santos
As heads of states, the United States’ governors are responsible for leading their respective states to reach their full potential for the benefit of their residents. They are in the executive branch of the state government, which means that they are in charge of implementing laws.

In order to get into their positions, these governors spent a significant amount during the campaign period, often with the help of sponsors. Because of this, you might be left wondering how much these leaders have in terms of assets.

This list gives you 10 of the wealthiest governors in the United States. Ready to know which states have the richest governors? Read on.

10 Country Music Stars Who Make Millions

BY Louise Garay

Country music is often one of the more underrated genres today. As a matter of fact, on the radio and even in stadiums, it cannot be denied that the genre remains supreme. One of the reasons why this music is well-loved by people around the globe is because of downright talented and brilliant country music stars.

The likes of Carrie Underwood, and of course Lil Nas, are very popular today, especially with the younger generations. However, there are also other esteemed personalities in the field who should definitely be given their due recognition. And rightfully so, since many of these country music stars not only earn a huge profit but also have millions under their belts

Interested who makes what in the genre? Take a look at the list and see who has had a successful career in the music scene. Check this out.

The 10 Wealthiest Celebrity Chefs in the World

BY Bluei Fausto

With the gradual wave of cooking shows and other television gigs over the past decade, it’s safe to say that the kitchen realm has welcomed tons of celebrity chefs into its space. From the classic Top Chef show to the thrilling and drama-packed MasterChef, there comes a range of food TV shows that have helped launch a few notable chefs into stardom.

From their businesses to their own cooking shows to other TV show guest appearances, it’s not surprising to know that these kitchen bosses take pride not just in their impeccable cooking skills but also in their staggering wealth as well.

To help you realize just how rich these top celebrity chefs are, we have rounded up the 10 wealthiest among their ranks. Get to know each one of them below!

The Top 10 Biggest Fortunes in the Food Industry

BY Cristine Parungao

Food businesses are always thriving because everyone needs food to survive. In the United States, there is a myriad of fast-food chains that earn millions to billions annually, servicing local and international customers. The list of the biggest fortunes in the food industry goes beyond fast-food chains. 

High profile companies known for their products like cheese, peanuts, condiments, and even desserts are also increasing in number. With new food trends and changing customer behavior, food companies come up with new products to cater to the needs of people. These changes include the easy preparation of meals and ready-to-eat products out of the container.

Interested to know the largest food and beverage companies? Read on and find out who is part of the top 10 most valuable food companies in the world. Most of these names are already common even overseas, thanks to cross-national expansions.

10 World Royal Figures Who Are Billionaires

BY Mirka Santos

Success is not measured in wealth, but to many, billionaires have always been inspirational people. After all, they are rich and famous enough to be able to afford almost everything they could ever need. When talking about fortune and fame, many individuals automatically think of royal figures

Now, there is no doubt that members of royal families across the globe are some of the most powerful people in the world. They have the authority and affluence that make them inspirations for both their power and wealth. They are also admired for their noble lineage and family history.

If royalties have served as inspirational figures for you, then you are in the right place. This list ranks some of the wealthiest leaders of royal families around the world. Check them out below.

10 US Senators Who Are Also Millionaires

BY Cristine Parungao

History reveals that in the earliest days, members of the government were not paid for public service. The reason is, these people were wealthy to begin with. These members include both congressional representatives and senators.

Today, there have been a lot of changes, but one thing remains: most senators have vast fortunes that did not come from serving the public. Although they earn salaries, most of the members of the senate are already high net worth Americans who had successful careers in private sectors.

Senators in the United States only make approximately $174,000 annually. If you are going to think about it, these senators only serve six-year terms and making millions out of their salaries is questionable. Here are the 10 US senators who are millionaires.

America’s 10 Most Wealthy Politicians

BY Bluei Fausto

Ever wondered who America’s ultra-wealthy officials are? Sure, while the history of America’s party politics is but a narration of the elite’s monopoly of power, it is safe to say that Donald Trump’s rise to the White House has signaled the beginning of a more competitive political race between the richest of the rich.

From senators and house members to governors and presidents, it cannot be denied that the US government has been running under the command of the top 1% for a long time. And now, as the world economy continues to crumble and the elites compete for the top of the throne, a sudden and more apparent swell in politicians coming from wealthy backgrounds has been dominating the electoral scene.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 wealthiest American politicians that are currently competing within the bureaucratic landscape.  Continue reading to learn about the wealthy people that are potentially making your laws.