The 10 Wealthiest States In America

BY Bluei Fausto

Looking for the right state in America to move to? If you’re the type who loves to put a touch of luxury and grandness in everything you do, you might want to check out the 10 wealthiest states in America today. These states may be able to offer you a better life.

Known for their staggering household incomes, breathtaking scenery, and tons of opportunities, these top destinations are sure to give you the life you’re searching for. When making the big decision of moving, it only makes sense that you should choose a place that will help you be prosperous. 

To give you some background on which places you should definitely check out, here is a roundup of the 10 wealthiest states in America. Check out this list to find out where you may be able to find a better life. 

Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities to Live In

BY Mirka Santos

Europe is certainly one of the most expensive regions to live in. It is home to a variety of rich countries and cities that have their own unique characteristics.

The continuously rising globalization and development not only in Europe but in other parts of the world not only enables the mobility of goods and ideas, but also people.

If you are thinking of moving to Europe, you can consider moving to the most expensive cities in the region. Here’s a list of the costliest cities in Europe based on Numbeo’s data.

The UK’s Richest Neighbourhoods and Their Millionaire Residents

BY Bluei Fausto

The United Kingdom is home to luxury residential villages and cities that only the super-rich can afford.

Miles of countryside and city neighbourhoods are priced at thousands to even millions per piece of land, making the UK one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets.

Read on to find out all about the UK’s richest neighbourhoods and their millionaire residents. The money spent on homes will shock you!

America’s 10 Richest Neighborhoods and Their Wealthy Residents

BY Bluei Fausto

Where do the wealthy live? Perhaps this question has been popping up in your mind for some time now. Where exactly do the richest people stay, and what are their neighborhoods like?

The most obvious answer is, of course, in major metropolitan areas. However, for many, this piece of information isn’t enough to feed their curiosity. After all, nothing could exemplify the “American Dream” better than seeing where the wealthiest U.S. citizens live.

To satisfy your interest, we have compiled a list of 10 of the richest neighborhoods in the U.S., along with the list of their wealthiest residents. Can’t wait to know each one? To cut to the chase, here they are.