The Top 10 Wealthiest Nickelodeon Stars

BY Bluei Fausto

From the classic Zoey 101 to the familiar iCarly, you’ll never run out of a good teen show to associate with Nickelodeon. Whether you simply wanted to have a good laugh or take a quick tour of the hilarious wildness that comes with such shows, there was always a quality Nick show you could turn to.

Coming from this, it comes as no surprise that many Nickelodeon stars were able to make names for themselves. They were also able to bag loads of fortunes from their hit series and shows. Wondering who among them reigns supreme?

To give you an answer to that, here is a compilation of the top 10 wealthiest Nickelodeon stars. Read on and see whether you can remember each one of them. Who knows, this might inspire you to watch some of your old favorites again.

These Are The 10 Wealthiest Children In The World Right Now

BY Mirka Santos

Children nowadays are known to achieve great feats. Perhaps, this is because of the access to technology they enjoy or simply because of their sheer talent and skills. From giving lectures at age six just like Ainan Cawley to gaining millions of subscribers on YouTube like Ryan Kaji, the kids are alright, as they say. 

One of the major accomplishments that some kids today enjoy is the millions of dollars written under their names. In fact, some are even worth billions! They even have their own sources of income at a very young age. 

Wondering who among these children is the richest? Well, we have got you covered. Here is a list of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world today.

The 10 Wealthiest Disney Channel Stars Past And Present

BY Cristine Parungao

When you think of it, it’s surprising to know how many people started their careers with Disney Channel. As a matter of fact, it seems like just yesterday that these Disney Channel stars said “and you’re watching Disney Channel,” drawing the logo with their invisible wand. You might have even practiced this one too many times in your life. 

Starting out on the network paved the road for numerous successful careers. From the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to Miley Cyrus, the network certainly has no shortage of talented people who carved their names in history. Most stars on the list have come a long way since they appeared on the Disney screen, yet their achievements are still celebrated by many Disney fans around the world. 

Curious to know what these Disney babies are up to today? Want to know who’s raking in the riches? Take a look at this list of the wealthiest Disney Channel starts. 

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Born Rich

BY Cristine Parungao

The public is already familiar with struggling celebrities who were discovered from their small home towns. But not all stars experienced the ‘rags to riches’ scenario. There are several celebrities who came from old money because of successful parents and family members. 

Most of the celebrities who were born rich have celebrity parents who are earning millions of dollars. Some have parents who are engaged in business, politics, or real estate. Before being in the spotlight, these stars enjoyed a comfortable life because of wealthy parents. 

Get to know the top ten celebrities who were born rich. These actors, models, singers, and reality show stars are lucky enough to have been born with financial security, not to mention the chance to get into the show business without auditioning.

The UK’s Top 25 Richest Kids of 2019

BY Cristine Parungao

Some kids just seem to have it all. They’re lucky enough to be born with famous parents, great talents, and of course, money.

In the United Kingdom, some of the kids considered as multimillionaires are as young as 1 year old. Many are celebrities and some are heir to their parents’ businesses or fame.

Have you ever wondered which kids top this list or how much money they’re really worth? Meet the UK’s top 25 richest kids of 2019.

Top 25 Richest Kids in the US

BY Louise Garay

These are the top 25 richest kids in the United States (and how much money they have in their bank accounts). Try not to cry!