10 Billionaires With The Most Lavish Lifestyles

By Cristine Parungao

Money is not a problem for billionaires, and that is a fact. The wealthiest people on Earth certainly know how to deal with money and business, but when it comes to their lifestyle, they definitely pay a huge price. Privacy is one thing to consider as these people pay millions a year just to keep themselves and their families safe. 

Flying, hosting events, and meeting business partners also costs a lot. Private parties, luxury yachts, jets, cars, and even accommodation require a certain level of privacy and security that only these types of people can cover. More than celebrities, business moguls generate millions and billions of dollars with their ventures.

On this list, discover the billionaires who are spending huge amounts of money to sustain their lifestyles. Most of the billionaires on the list are known collectors of luxury cars, mansions, and other rare items. Here are the 10 billionaires with the most lavish lifestyles.

10. Donald Trump


Net worth: $3.7 billion 

The President of the United States surely knows how to spend his money with luxury real estate properties scattered across the country. Trump is engaged in various real estate holdings, generating millions each year. 

salon.com, france24.com

Aside from his $100-million penthouse unit in Trump Tower, the billionaire also spends his money buying a private jet, a chopper, and other luxury cars. He also purchased a custom-made motorcycle made with 24-karat gold detailing and elite custom parts. More than these investments, Trump and his family Secret Service and protection units cost millions. According to Independent, the budget for the Secret Service is $33 million.

9. George Soros


Net worth: $8.3 billion 

One of the most successful investors today is George Soros, who owned the Soros Fund Management LLC. The 87-year old businessman spends his money on good businesses and, in his spare time, on hosting lavish parties at his home in the Hamptons. 

wikipedia.org, timesofisrael.com

Soros’ family also spends a lot on security measures, especially his son and successor, Alexander Soros. More than luxury and security, Soros donated millions to PAC presidential election efforts to oust Trump from the position. The billionaire spent a total of $20 million on the 2016 presidential race, one of the largest amounts for a donor on any party list.

8. Rupert Murdoch


Net worth: $19.8 billion

When it comes to the media business, Rupert Murdoch is definitely one of the CEOs on top. This 88-year-old business mogul is living every guy’s dream: buying exorbitant mansions and private jets worth $80 million.

wikipedia.org, businessinsider.com

Murdoch became a billionaire by managing his media business, Newscorp. His father owned and created a newspaper before Rupert turn it to something big. Now, News Corporation has a total valuation of $9 billion.  

7. Elon Musk


Net worth: $23.5 billion 

Considered a genius when it comes to tech, Elon Musk is definitely one of the biggest names in the world for his companies, Tesla and SpaceX. The 48-year-old businessman and CEO spend his money on luxury cars and real state. 

biography.com, cnbc.com

In October 2016, Musk bought a Bel-Air property worth $24 million. He also has several other properties in the United States, which he also intends to benefit from selling or renting.

6. Leonardo Del Vecchio


Net worth: $25.2 billion

People like Leonardo Del Vecchio make it look easy to purchase a $20-million yacht and a $50-million Gulfstream jet. Aside from these ultra-expensive private transports, the businessman also owned the rare Ferrari LaFerrari, which cost over $1.4 million. 

reuters.com, forbes.it

Despite these luxuries, Vecchio was able to give back by helping employees and other people. Back in 2015, when he turned 80, Vecchio sold large amounts of Luxottica shares to 8,000 employees.

5. Rob Walton


Net worth: $37.9 billion 

Walmart’s heir Rob Walton is a known collector of vintage cars. His collection is vast and includes the $15-million Daytona Coupe, one of the rarest car models in the world. Aside from this, the billionaire also owned several vintage Porsche, Ferrari, and other models. 

waltonfamilyfoundation.org, walmart.com

With Walmart’s billions in revenue yearly, it is undeniable that Rob Walton and his family can enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Aside from cars, real estate, and the arts, the family also owns more than 50% of Walmart’s stocks.

4. Michael Dell


Net worth: $35 billion 

When Dell Computers had its IPO in 1988, Michael Dell became one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Now, his company is worth $70 billion—nearly triple its buyout value five years ago. 

cnbc.com, telegraph.co.uk

Given his wealth, Michael is able to enjoy the fruit of his labor, through fancy cars, mansions, ranches, a $40-million NY penthouse, and a four-story neoclassical house in the Caribbean island.

3. Phil Knight


Net worth: $37.3 billion

One of the world’s most famous sportswear brands, Nike, is owned by the 81-year-old Phil Knight. Although he stepped down as the chairman of the brand in 2016, the billionaire still owns a huge chunk of the company’s shares. At his age, he is worth more than $37 billion. 

gsb.stanford.edu, nytimes.com

When it comes to lavish lifestyles, Knight stands alongside other billionaires who collect expensive yachts, cars, and private jets. In fact, he owned a $65-million luxury jet and a hangar worth $7 million. He is also known to be generous when it comes to charitable causes, especially in Oregon. This can be seen by his contributions to the Buehler campaign and other political campaigns.

2. Larry Ellison


Net worth: $69.2 billion

Larry Ellison is certainly not shy about his lavish spending, particularly when it comes to mansions, yachts, aircraft, and art. He recently bought a $300-million private island in Lanai, Hawaii. In addition, he also spends his money on sailing, supporting his American Cup sailing team with $100 million. 

wikipedia.org, businessinsider.com

The owner of Oracle spends $20 million annually for his lifestyle, plus $25 million for a villa in Japan and $194 million for new yachts every three years.

1. Warren Buffett


Net worth: $86.9 billion

The world’s fourth wealthiest man on Earth is 89-year-old Warren Buffett. He likes spending his money on houses, and luxury cars. But Buffett’s biggest spending per year has got to do with his donations to different charities, including Berkshire Hathaway. 


Earlier this year, the billionaire investor announced a $2.6 billion donation to five foundations. He also loved spending money on vacation houses, but also sells them for a higher price.



Billionaires definitely have lots of money to enjoy a good life surrounded by beautiful cars, luxury homes, bizarre holidays around the world and more. These are just some of the huge names in the business world that spend a fortune yearly on their unique interests.

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