2019 Review: Top 10 Best-Selling Games

By Mirka Santos

Video games become more accessible to many people today because of the significantly lower prices. Unlike the exorbitant price tags of consoles sold in the early 1990s, consoles today are cheaper. Take, for example, the price of PlayStation 4 released in 2013 ($400 to $500) compared to Philips CD-I launched in 1990, which was priced at $1,319.61 when adjusted for inflation.

With the easier accessibility to the latest consoles, video games have also become more accessible. However, this does not stop developers from earning large amounts form the games they release. This is a win-win situation for publishers and gamers alike. 

In fact, there are many games last year that sold millions of copies. Wondering what these games are? Check out the top 10 best-selling games pf 2019.  

10. Super Mario Maker 2


Sales: 3.93 million+

Declared as the best-selling game in August 2019, Super Mario Maker 2 not only sold because of the nostalgia that comes with the franchise. It also gets the attention of gamers as it lets users create levels in which they can play.

ign.com, eneba.com

The second installment to the Super Mario Maker lets players upload more levels and share these courses. Moreover, it lets other players try out the levels you created, making it much more challenging and entertaining.

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019


Sales: 4.75 million+

Following the highly successful Black Ops 4, this installment is said to break the 4.2 million record of its predecessor. The game still features the heart-thumping shooter gameplay, but with improved graphics.

callofduty.com, playtech.ro

This title remained to be at the top of the best-selling games in 2019 despite being outranked by its mobile-based sibling. If this does not testify to the popularity of the franchise, then we don’t know what will.

8. Kingdom Hearts 3


Sales: 5 million+

Set in the Disney universe, this game became popular among Final Fantasy fans as it features characters from the beloved franchise. Moreover, players meet characters from Disney such as Ariel from Little Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen. 

psu.com, digitaltrends.com

With its success, the game was recently awarded the Platinum Prize for selling over 1 million copies in Japan and other parts of Asia. It is also known as the fastest-selling as it sold 5 million units within the first week of release.

7. Borderlands 3


Sales: 5 million+

Within the first few days of its release, this game sold millions of copies worldwide. With stunning graphics and interesting gameplay, the latest installment of the game has allowed the developer, 2K, to earn through the franchise.

@Gamespottrailers / YouTube.com, vg247.com

The PC version of the game is carried by Epic Games store. According to the company’s press release, digital sales in the store are strong, so it can be expected that the number of copies the company sold will continue to increase.

6. Pokémon Sword And Pokemon Shield


Sales: 6 million+

Part of the beloved franchise from Nintendo, the two games have combined sales of more than 6 million. This is despite the fact that the games were just released in November. However, the two are criticized for the limited number of Pokémon it features.

amazon.com, engadget.com

Nevertheless, Pokémon Sword and Shield contribute to the tremendous success of the franchise. In fact, the entire series has sold more than 240 million copies worldwide since 1996. With the release of the two games for Nintendo Switch, the initial number is predicted to increase.

5. Anthem


Sales: 6 million+

Next on our list is Anthem. Developed by BioWare, the creator of popular franchise Mass Effect, this game was released for the PS4 and Xbox One back in February. It was declared the top game during its month of release with a high digital download rate.

newsweek.com, escapistmagazine.com

On the PS4 and Xbox One alone, the game earned millions during its release. A part of this comes from microtransactions, which allowed players to buy cosmetic alterations for their in-game characters. Microtransactions account for 3.5% of the game’s launch figures.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Sales: 7 million+

In a press release, developer and publisher, Electronic Arts said that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order broke its previous records in terms of Star Wars video games sales ($21 million and 13 million units) and even EA games sales ($67 million). Because of this, Fallen Order deserves to be on this list.

@videogamedunkey / YouTube.com, gamesradar.com

This game was launched recently, with its release date being November 15, 2019. During its first two weeks, it was dubbed as the fastest-selling digital launch, making it more successful in terms of launch figures.

3. Mortal Kombat 11


Sales: 11 million+

Upon its release, the famous fighting game shipped around 5 million copies, making it the best-selling game during its release. Experts say that it had been surpassing the previous installment to the franchise, which sold 11 million. 

slashgear.com, playstation.com

In light of other fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken, Mortal Kombat became popular because of its brutal graphics. Complete with moves that result in gruesome injuries, the final blow can definitely catch the attention of players.

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


Sales: 55 million+

Based on Tom Clancy’s in-novel universe, this game is the second installment to the series. According to sources, The Division 1 sold 5.5 million. With the release of The Division 2 reports say that this installment sold ten times more than the first.

gamestop.com, digitaltrends.com

This game is known for implementing permadeath in its hardcore mode. This means that players stay dead once their characters die, making the game more challenging. It also released holiday-themed weapons to keep up with seasonal celebrations.

1. Call Of Duty Mobile


Sales: 100 million+ 

Part of the shooter franchise, the mobile release of Call of Duty raked in a whopping 100 million downloads just within its first month. This just shows that whether on console, PC or mobile, the series remains popular among gamers.

engadget.com. @CallofDuty / YouTube.com

With the mobility offered by mobile devices, more players are able to play this game on-the-go. Combined with the popularity of the franchise, the mobility this game offers makes it a preferable option for some.



Games continue to be popular to this day. There are a large number of games being released every year, however, these were the best-performing titles in 2019.

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