10 of the Most Beloved Children’s Book Characters of All Time

By Cristine Parungao

Despite the influence of digital media, there are still children who fancy reading childrens books. These books shape the young minds of children, enhancing their imagination, vocabulary, and creativity. As a kid, you probably enjoyed flipping through popular books such as Disney Princesses or Alice In Wonderland.

As the years go by, more and more titles made it to bookstores. These books have different themes and unique stories, which children loved. Some of the best-selling children’s books were adopted as movies because of their popularity. 

In this article, we are going to find out 10 of the most beloved childrens book characters of all time. These characters either come from classic or contemporary books. These characters are loved because of their personalities and roles within the stories.

10. Little Bear, Little Bear


6 million copies sold

One of the most loved childrens book characters is Little Bear, a cub from the book of the same title. The book narrates the story of a little bear that needs help with his clothing, cooking soup, and mostly playtime with friends. 

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Although the plot of the book is simple, kids loved the book. In fact, Little Bear sold more than six million copies worldwide. Soon after being a best-seller, the book was adapted into a full-length film in 2001.

9. Frog and Toad, Frog and Toad


13 million copies sold

The book Frog and Toad is considered a classic book. The first volume was released in the 1970s and was soon followed by three more volumes with five stories each book. Kids love these two inseparable best friends because of their unique friendship.


Even though this is a childrens book, the story shares touching truths about life, human attachment, one’s identity, and relationships.

8. Madeline, Madeline


14 million copies sold

Even adults know who Madeline is a spunky French girl who navigates around the world. She is the bravest, not to mention, the cleverest of the characters in the books, hence kids love her. 


Children can relate to Madelines curiosity and, of course, her adventures. The books depict no classrooms and kids are always seeing the world. Madeline celebrated its 80th birthday last October.

7. Matilda, Matilda


17 million copies sold

Who could forget the bright little girl with special powers? Matilda is a gem that not only kids love but also kids at heart. This is a classic book that demonstrates the importance of parents to kids and education as a whole. 


The books were so good that they sold more than 17 million copies worldwide. Aside from the publishing success, Matilda was also adapted into a film and even a musical theater play.

6. Charlie Bucket, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


20 million copies sold

Road Dahls Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book is phenomenal, magical, humbling, and full of lessons. It is a best seller, not only for its unique story but also for the main character, Charlie Bucket. The boy, who won the golden ticket to enter the magical chocolate factory, was loved by millions of kids around the world. 

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Since 1964, there have been more than 20 million copies sold globally. The book is a huge success that it was translated into several languages, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, and many more.

5. Pinocchio, The Adventures of Pinocchio


35 million copies sold

Kids sure love the famous puppet Pinocchio for his cleverness. The book, Adventures of Pinocchio tells a story about a boy puppet that turned into a real person. His nose grew whenever he told a lie and would go back to normal once he told the truth. 


Pinocchio became even more popular when it was adapted into a film. The book alone is successful with 35 million copies before the 1940 film, which grossed millions.

4. Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit


45 million copies sold

Another most-loved childrens book character is Peter Rabbit from The Tale of Peter Rabbit. He is a curious, naughty, and loving rabbit that loves to eat and play. One day, he got himself into a dangerous situation. 


The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a work of author Beatrix Potter. More than 45 million copies of the book were sold worldwide and later on adapted into the motion picture.

3. Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh


50 million copies sold

The cuddly teddy bear character Winnie the Pooh has become beloved by children for many generations. In fact, the character is so special that it is honored every January 18th, otherwise known as Winnie the Pooh Day. 

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The Winnie the Pooh book made millions of dollars for its simple yet endearing story. It follows the adventure of Pooh and friends, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, and Roo.

2. Anne, Anne of Green Gables


50 million copies sold

The eight-book series, Anne of Green Gables is a classic. The series features a red-haired girl adopted at age 11 by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Anne experienced a lot of things living in her new home but more than anything, she was happy to belong to a family. 

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The book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908 became so popular that it was translated into 30 languages and adapted into television series and film. Children love the character for her braveness and never-ending adventures.

1. Harry Potter, Harry Potter


500 million copies sold

Harry Potter is a fictional character in the fantasy novel by J.K. Rowling. Harry is a young wizard and is famous for his forehead scar. The character is not only loved by children but also by adults who are into magic and fantasy. 


There have been more than 500 million copies of the books sold and the author is still working on sequels of the books. Its success is prominent everywhere in the world because of the films produced by Warner Brothers.


Children are playful and curious in nature; hence, their interest varies. By reading a book, they are able to enhance their vocabulary, creativity, and imagination. These beloved childrens book characters only show that kids can learn so much from books. While they are young, expose kids to excellent books to expand their learning and knowledge.


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