10 Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

By Cristine Parungao

Many people are fond of creating a bucket list meant to complete or somehow make their lives meaningful. It can include things they want to do, the food they want to eat, or people they want to meet. The list can also include the top places people want to visit before they die. 

If you are a traveler you know that there are thousands of beautiful places you can visit. Be it a sacred place, distant locations, or famous landmarks, you can always find adventure. Even further, these must-see sites are scattered all over the world.

It only makes sense that some of the worlds most iconic and phenomenal landmarks are part of your list. If you are creating a bucket list, here are recommendations for 10 beautiful places to visit before you die.

10. Acropolis of Athens, Greece


One of the most striking items on this list, complete Greek monumental complexes can be found at Acropolis of Athens in Greece. The stunning architectural site remains intact today, attracting millions of tourists yearly. 

holeinthedonut.com, greekboston.com

The monumental was surrounded by strong walls and pillars that endured more than 3,000 years. Exceptional architects Iktinos, Kallikrates, Mnesikles, and great sculptors Pheidias, Alkamenes, and Agorakritos developed the now valuable heritage site.

9. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


Another ancient wonder that remained intact is the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The man-made structure stood firmly for over 3,800 years, enduring war and calamities. The pyramids remain untouched, however, scientists were able to discover interesting things deep inside the structures. 

wikipedia.org, blogspot.com

According to authorities, more than 14 million tourists visit the site yearly, which greatly helps Egypts economy. The site is also called the old mountain’, and is the most famous monument in the world.

8. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia


The worlds largest salt flat is located in southwest Bolivia. The 11,000 square kilometer landscape boasts of bright-white salt rock formations that look magnificent. During the rainy season, the salt flat appears as a large mirror, creating a breathtaking sight. 

suitcaseandi.com, nationalgeographic.com

The Salar De Uyuni was created centuries ago when the prehistoric lake dried up and became salt crust. Many people come here to see the cemetery for trains used for mining during the 1940s.

7. The Great Blue Hole, Belize


Diving enthusiasts will be amazed by the unique and natural beauty of the submarine sinkhole called The Great Blue Hole, located in Belize. The hole is about 410 feet deep and is 980 feet wide, in what appears to be a circular sinkhole from above. 

cntraveler.com, edition.cnn.com

The site is easily one of the top spots for scuba diving in the world, attracting thousands of tourists annually. In 2012, the site ranked first for being the most amazing place on Earth.

6. Tulip Fields, Netherlands


You might wonder why you need to visit a flower field before you die. But Netherlands tulip fields are not only special but also breathtaking. The colorful rows of tulips are incredible in person, making it a popular site for visitors from around the world. 

holland.com, businessinsider.com

The scenic location blooms from the last week of March until the beginning of May. It is a perfect place to ride a bike and feel the serenity of exploring the flower farm.

5. Great Wall of China


The phenomenal 21 million meter wall that stretches in the mountain ridge is one of the sites you should visit before you die. The Great Wall of China is a marvelous man-made structure used by the empire of China to protect the country from enemy attacks. 

britannica.com, journeywonders.com

Located in Huairou District, the site attracts millions of tourists yearly. Whats amazing is that this vast wall was created by the ancient Chinese using cement, rocks, bricks, and powdered dirt. 

4. Machu Picchu, Peru


One amazing UNESCO Heritage Site is the stone village located high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The mountain provides astounding scenery of the Sacred Valley that showcases Inca history.

dezeen.com, wikimedia.org

One of the famous things to do at Machu Picchu includes climbing the Inca trail that takes four days on average. During peak season, the site becomes crowded especially for hikers and adventure-seekers.

3. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


The scenic two-mile railway surrounded by green arches is called the Tunnel of Love. This site is located in Ukraine. The greenery naturally surrounds the railway track that links to Orzhiv. 

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It is an iconic site for lovers to take walks up to five kilometers, hence the name, Tunnel of Love. Not many people know about this location but thanks to tourism initiatives, more and more tourists are visiting the site.

2. Marble Caves, Chile


The worlds biggest marble cave lays in the waters of Carrera, Chile. Who wouldve thought that this magnificent site is natural and made of solid marble? It is a natural treasure of the world that is a gem in Chile. 

businessinsider.com, @commonvanilla / Reddit.com

The Marble Caves can only be reached by riding a boat or ferry. There is no other way to go here. Hence, tourists need to endure the huge waves of Lake General Carrera.

1. Taj Mahal, India


Out of all the architectural structures in the world, the Taj Mahal stands as one of the most precious and loved locations because of its rich history. The ivory-white mausoleum sits on the south bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, India. 

wikipedia.org, dreamsinheels.com

The Taj Mahal stands as a monument of eternal love that was built between 1632 and 1647. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan dedicated the monument to his wife as a sign of love and respect, as she died during childbirth.


The dazzling, historic, and breathtaking sites mentioned are some of the iconic sites you should visit before you die. Before any of these sites collapse due to a calamity or structural damage, make sure to visit.

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