IG Richlist: The Top 20 Highest Paid Instagram Influencers in the World

By Cristine Parungao

Without a doubt, Instagram (IG) is ever-growing and not going away anytime soon, as brands and influencers utilize this platform to gain followers and make huge amounts of money. Besides celebrities who are influencers by nature, there are models, advocates, and trendsetters who use Instagram to make a living out of posting campaigns and marketing stunts.

According to statistics from the social media platform Facebook, a total of 83% of IG users discover new products and services on the platform. With this huge percentage, it’s no wonder why influencers and celebrities get paid more with sponsored posts. IG posts in collaboration with high-end brands are paid per post, ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to millions.

Discover the world’s highest-paid influencers on Instagram. Here are the top 20 influencers that earn a fortune via this photo- and video-sharing social media platform!

20. Zach King


Net worth: $3 million

American YouTuber, filmmaker, and Vine star Zach King is among the highest-paid influencers on Instagram where he has over 21 million followers. King has worked with Subaru, Oreo, Target, and other major brands that pay him an average of $15,000 per post or collab.

youtube.fandom.com / Daily Sabah

Zach also monetizes his YouTube account and has his own merch store where fans can score cool merchandise like shirts, hats, card sets, and more. Zach’s Subaru collaboration has raised 11% in engagements with 1.6M likes and 7,000 comments.

19. Nash Grier


Net worth: $3 million

Vine star and Internet personality Nash Grier started earing fortune in his teenage years when his videos online went viral. Now 21 years old, Grier makes a living by collaborating with brands on Instagram and monetizing his YouTube account with more than 4 million subscribers.

@nashgrier / Instagram.com, @nashgrier / Instagram.com

According to Hollywood Branded, Grier makes a minimum of $17,000 per sponsored post. He has worked with major brands like Aeropostale, Nike, GoPro, and more.

18. Cameron Dallas


Net worth: $4.5 million

Another Vine personality Cameron Dallas has worked his way to the top with his engaging videos online. Aside from his YouTube career, with more than 5M subscribers, Dallas is also a model and IG influencer. Dallas has been working with clothing and lifestyle brands that pay him an average of $18,000 per sponsored post.

@camerondallas / Instagram.com, @camerondallas / Instagram.com

Dallas’ IG profile has a total of 21.2M followers, and each post garnered a minimum of 300,000 likes.

17. Chiara Ferragni


Net worth: $11 million

Feisty, fashionable, and a beauty icon, Chiara Ferragni has got it all. She’s a major Instagram influencer with over 17 million followers on her main account. Ferragni is on another level with her own brands, BeautyBites and TheBlondeSalad.

@chiaraferragni / Instagram.com, @chiaraferragni / Instagram.com

According to Fashion United, Ferragni can collaborate with brands with a sponsored post for a minimum of $12,000. This was her rate in 2018, and it is definitely higher now that she has her own ventures. Ferragni partners with brands like Intimissimi, Versace, Elisa Amoruso, and more.

16. Kayla Itsines


Net worth: $46 million

Fitness trainer and young entrepreneur Kayla Itsines has built her empire as a personal trainer and social media personality. She has become famous after creating a fitness program called Bikini Body Guide way back in 2014.

@kayla_itsines / Instagram.com, @kayla_itsines / Instagram.com

Itsines has created her own fitness app called Sweat, which has a revenue of $77 million a year. With more than 11 million followers on Instagram, Itsines made a lot of money collaborating with fitness and sportswear brands like Under Armour, Apple, and Adidas.

15. Jeffree Star


Net worth: $50 million

YouTube personality and makeup guru Jeffree Star is not just an influencer of his own brand but also an entrepreneur. His YouTube channel has over 15M subscribers, and his IG profile has 13.7M followers.

@jeffreestar / Instagram.com, @jeffreestar / Instagram.com

His collaboration with other major brands like Morphe have been a success. His ideas about new makeup products have helped Morphe create signature formula eyeshadow palette and other cosmetics. Jeffree has his own brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which has a revenue of $18M.

14. Kendall Jenner


Net worth: $30 million

Victoria’s Secret model and TV personality Kendall Jenner is one of the highest-paid models in the world. She earned an average of $20M per year in her modeling career and collaborations with luxury brands. Kendall has over 115M followers on Instagram, where she posts content. She recently collaborated with Proactiv, Vogue, Longchamp and Calvin Klein. According to CNBC, partnership with Kendall costs about $1M per sponsored content.

@kendalljenner / Instagram.com, @kendalljenner / Instagram.com

Aside from modeling, she also has her own brand called Kendall & Kylie, a venture with her sister Kylie Jenner.

13. Ariana Grande


Net worth: $50 million 

Singer and actress Ariana Grande is a social media sweetheart. She has 163M followers on Instagram, where she posts new music and collaborations with luxury brands. She has worked with Givenchy, Ultra Beauty, Starbucks, Reebok, Micaela Erlanger, and a couple of other brands.

@arianagrande / Instagram.com, @arianagrande / Instagram.com

12. Selena Gomez


Net worth: $60 million

Selene Gomez is among the highest-paid influences on Instagram with deals starting from $800,000 for a single post. Her IG account has more than 155M followers, with engagements not less than half a million per post.

@selenagomez / Instagram.com, @selenagomez / Instagram.com

She has been seen posting sponsored content for brands like Puma, Coach, and Krahs.

11. Justin Bieber


Net worth: $265 million

Justin Bieber is a multi-awarded singer and personality that earns millions of dollars on music albums, tours, shows, appearances, and collaborations with brands. He is a brand ambassador of luxury clothing line Calvin Klein, which is worth $69M.

@justinbieber / Instagram.com, @justinbieber / Instagram.com

JB’s Instagram account has more than 117M followers, a platform he uses to promote new music, partnerships, and his personal life. He has been seen posting content for Supreme and Drew House. Each of JB’s posts gather more than a million engagements from fans and followers.

10. Lionel Messi


Net worth: $400 million

Professional football player Leonel Messi is one of the highest-paid sports personalities in the world. His partnership with different brands like Adidas is worth a fortune, an average deal of $12M per year for showcasing the brand on his Instagram account.

Britannica / News 18, Photo Credit: Reuters

He also made a couple of deals with Thom Browne, Huawei, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana. Messi is also launching a clothing apparel brand in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger.

9. Neymar da Silva Santos


Net worth: $185 million

Neymar da Silva Santos is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Paris-Saint Germain and Brazil’s national football team. He has made history playing for the French club, winning games, and conferences. At the age of 27, Santos is already worth $185M through his deals with major brands and his football team.

MSN, Wikipedia

His Instagram profile has over 124M followers and he regularly posts content for Nike, Redbull, Diesel, and more. The cost per sponsored content is around $700,000 or more, depending on the brand and scope of the partnership.

8. Dwayne Johnson


Net worth: $280 million

Former wrestler, producer, and actor Dwayne Johnson is another rising star in social media, particularly on Instagram. He has over 155M followers and works with brands such as Madame Tussauds, Ballers, and more.

Wikipedia / Muscle and Fitness

Being an actor, Johnson has gained a lot of partnerships to promote products of different companies. His latest project was Fast and Furious 9, which is a blockbuster hit.

7. Kim Kardashian West


Net worth: $350 million

The TV personality, model, and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian-West is known to be an endorsement magnet just like her other sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Her Instagram account has over 147M followers.

@kimkardashian / Instagram.com, @kimkardashian / Instagram.com

She uses this platform to promote her cosmetic brand KKW Fragrance and KKBeauty. According to reports, brands pay an average of $500,000 just to get Kim to post sponsored content on her IG account.

6. Taylor Swift


Net worth: $360 million

Grammy-award winner and songwriter Taylor Swift is known to collaborate with different brands and companies. She uses her Instagram account to showcase her own branding and post-sponsored content for Vogue, YouTube, Apple, Stella McCartney, and more.

@taylorswift / Instagram.com, @taylorswift / Instagram.com

Her IG profile has over 121M followers with millions of engagements per post. Recently, she launched her new album Lover and posted a couple of pictures and videos on Instagram for advertisement. According to pop culture, her Lover album garnered $5M record sales for the first two days.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo


Net worth: $450 million

Professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest athletes in the world. His collaboration with sportswear Nike, Dazn, and Clear are all posted on his Instagram account. According to reports, Ronaldo’s endorsements with brands cost an average of $20M, and IG posts are worth $750,000 to $1M per sponsored content.

@cristiano / Instagram.com, @cristiano / Instagram.com

Ronaldo has a solid 181M followers on his IG account where he posts regular content on football and personal life.

4. Rihanna


Net worth: $600 million

Award-winning singer and songwriter Rihanna is a fashion and beauty icon with a fierce and bold style. She has carved her name in the Hollywood music industry, winning Grammy awards for best song performance, album, music video, and more.

@badgalriri / Instagram.com, @badgalriri / Instagram.com

Despite her rising career, Rihanna built her own brand called Fenty, which is a multi-million dollar cosmetics venture. Rihanna’s Instagram has over 70M followers, and she has collaborated with luxury brands that pay her millions for sponsored content.

3. Huda Kattan


Net worth: $610 million

Iraqi-American makeup guru, personality, and entrepreneur Huda Kattan is the founder of cosmetics brand Huda Beauty. Kattan’s influence on the beauty world has made her career a huge one, signing deals and collaborations with major beauty, lifestyle, and clothing brands like Chanel, Versace, Balmain, and more.

@huda / Instagram.com, @huda / Instagram.com

Her profile has over a million followers, while her brand Huda Beauty has over 38M followers. Kattan recently turned down a major collaboration deal with an unknown brand that values $10M.

2. Beyonce


Net worth: $900 million

Beyoncé is on her way to a billion dollars with her music career and endorsements. Her partnership with Adidas earlier this year is worth $355M. She uses her Instagram account to promote her music, as well as post sponsored content for the brands she’s working with.

@beyonce / Instagram.com, @beyonce / Instagram.com

1. Kylie Jenner


Net worth: $1 billion

Forbes’ youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner is not just a TV personality but also an entrepreneur. With her solid following of more than 145M, she has worked with a lot of luxury brands that seek huge online presences.

@kyliejenner / Instagram.com, @kyliejenner / Instagram.com

Kylie Jenner’s recent IG endorsements include Adidas, Versace, Gucci, Dior, and Chanel. According to BBC, paid content with Kylie for a single post on Instagram is worth $1.2M.



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