Getting Paid to Travel: 10 Travel Bloggers Making Six Figures

By Nora Mathe

Everybody loves to travel and experience different cultures, see beautiful places, and try the foods of others around the world. Few of us, however, manage to make wanderlust our career.

With the advent of social media and blogging, travel blogging has become quite popular.

Equipped with tools such as high-quality cameras, social media platforms, and a taste for adventure, many travel enthusiasts are turning their hobby into a gainful business. Here are 10 travel blogs that make six figures a year!

10. Cheapest Destinations Blog


Yearly Earnings: $108K

The blog, run by Tim Leffel, offers great tips and advice for travelers to go abroad and make great memories for less! Leffel knows what he’s talking about: he traveled around the globe three times, and he is a travel writer with published books and articles., Cheapest Destinations Blog

His blog has been around since the dawn of the blogosphere, and what sets him apart from the average blog is his expertise. He knows the way travel agencies operate and he keeps tabs on the industry; thus, he has insightful advice to share with many of his readers. He is happy to suggest less popular countries to visit, as well, putting forth interesting destination ideas to the uninitiated.

9. Goats on the Road


Yearly Earnings: $120K

Goats on the Road is run by Nick and Dariece, a 30-something married couple who went on a simple all-inclusive trip to Mexico and caught a taste for the adventure of travel. According to their introduction, 8 months later they sold their home and possessions in Canada and went on a backpacking trip through Asia

eDreams, Goats on the Road

The couple make their money to fund their travels with their expertise in photography, writing, and videography. They started working on their blog early on, and by now, they have a steady income, and their need for adventure is funded by their passion.

8. Where’s Sharon?


Yearly Earnings: $120K

The blog’s motto is “travel smarter, cheaper, and better with kids”, and this truly summarizes Sharon and her family’s travel blog. As of today, this is the most popular family travel blog online, but the road to success started much earlier. The family has been posting since 2005, when Sharon wrote a simple blog post to share photos of her trip with her family.

Bon Aappetour, Where's Sharon

Since then, she has been working on her blog, Where’s Sharon, together with her husband, Joshua. She makes sure to keep her children’s identity private, while she shares tips and tricks with parents who want to see the world together with their kids. 

7. The Travel Hack


Yearly Earnings: $140K

Monica, a British travel blogger, has been running her blog for 10 years. She started out by leaving the UK behind for 2 years and backpacking around Australia and Asia. Currently, she is based in the UK, and her blog’s niche is short weekend trips and affordable adventures.

The Travel Hack, The Travel Hack

As a mother of two, Monica is not looking for backpacking trips any longer. Instead, she prefers to have interesting experiences with or sometimes without kids. She shares practical information, such as what clothes to pack during a specific season, what are the essentials to take when traveling with young kids, and how to pack efficiently for an under-seat carry-on bag.

6. Travel Break


Yearly Earnings: $144K

Run by Stephanie Be, a California native and a UCLA alumna, the blog showcases gorgeous photos and stories about magical destinations such as Cambodia, Turkey, and Tanzania. The blog features many top 10 lists with gorgeous photos to give you wanderlust.

Dame Traveler, Travel Break

Stephania Be is a very successful blogger who gives her readers tips on how to fund these lavish trips. A large section of her blog is dedicated to explaining how to make money on the go around the world, by working online and remotely.

5. Wandering Earl


Yearly Earnings: $144K

Derek, whose middle name is Earl, named his blog because he never thought anyone would read it, and “Wandering Derek” just didn’t have such a ring to it. He has been traveling since 1999, when he went on a 3-month backpacking trip around East Asia.

Wandering Earl,

Since then, Derek has been to 116 countries and never went back home. He has been through everything imaginable; he was even kidnapped for three days! And, to fund his passion, he worked as an English tutor, a tour manager on a cruise ship, and, finally, his blog is working for him too!

4. Two Monkeys Travel Group


Yearly Earnings: $180K

Two Monkeys Travel Group is run by Kach and Jonathan, a married couple who, similarly to many on this list, gained interest in travel after backpacking. But, interestingly enough, they also met each other while backpacking in Laos, and the rest is history., Two Monkeys Travel Group

The couple, who has visited over 80 countries already, traveled together for 4 years and sailed across the Caribbean for 2, then settled down in Montenegro. Their blog caters to all budgets: they share articles about the cheapest hostels and the most luxurious hotels. Their posts have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Cosmopolitan, and many other publications.

3. The Planet D


Yearly Earnings: $240K

The blog’s mantra is “adventure is for everyone”, and Dave and Deb, its owners, certainly live by it. The Canadian couple used to work in film and television, so they had long months off of work during the winters. They had time to go away from the cold to warmer weather in countries in South America, Asia, and Africa.

The Planet D, Talk Travel Asia

But, once they got the taste, they couldn’t quit traveling, so they brainstormed many ideas about how they could make money while they saw the world. Due to their knowledge in photography and videography, the couple managed to create a successful blog, which now allows them to live their dream.

2. One Step 4Ward


Yearly Earnings: $300K

Johnny Ward, an Irish guy who left his country 10 years ago to travel, claims on his blog that he had no money, but he was so driven to live his dream that he started out by teaching English in Asia, then ran out of money again while traveling. 

YouTube, One Step 4Ward

This cycle continued until he launched his blog, and now, he has made over $1.5m just from sharing his passion online. His blog showcases his crazy adventures and many motivational articles to help you become a millionaire blogger too.

1. Nomadic Matt


Yearly Earnings: $600K

Matt Kepnes, the author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, a best-selling guide to help travelers see the world on a budget, quit his cubicle job in 2005 and has visited over 100 countries since. 

Forbes, Nomadic Matt

His blog features not only amazing photos and stories about his trips, but also valuable information about things every traveler needs to know: useful knowledge about travel insurance, credit cards, travel companies, and airlines are all featured. The destinations he talks about are characterized with great precision, giving readers tips about where to eat, where to buy groceries, and what lesser-known sights and museums are worth seeing.



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