The 10 Richest Investors in the World (And Where They Put Their Money)

By Mirka Santos

Many people believe that investing their capital in many different sectors is a great way to accumulate wealth. For the people on this list, this is definitely true.

This list compiles some of the richest people in the world who are rich because of their financial savvy and ability to work the world investment market.

Curious as to who are the most successful investors around the world? Check out the list below to see who these individuals are and where they have placed their money.

10. John Paulson


Net worth: $5 billion

This 63-year-old investor secured his wealth during the 2007 credit bubble. Paulson was able to make it big in the finance sector by betting against subprime mortgages. Today, his wealth comes from his hedge fund firm Paulson & Co. The firm has been active in the industry since 1994 and gained popularity as a niche fund. Paulson & Co., has managed $36 billion at the height of its service. 

NY Post | Getty Images, Celebrity Net Worth

Before establishing his own firm, the investor had worked with Boston Consulting Group and Bear Stearns. He was also part of Forbes 400 in 2018 and Forbes Billionaires 2019. 

9. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud


Net worth: $15.2 billion

This Middle Eastern Prince is famous for funding a majority of the Louvre’s collection of Islamic Art. He established Kingdom Holding, a conglomerate that prioritizes investments in the hospitality industry, real estate, and equities. In fact, he owns 95% of the conglomerate. Kingdom Holding also has investments in social media companies Snapchat and Twitter, and Citigroup. 

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Aside from Kingdom Holdings and its investments, the prince has 80% of controlling stakes at Rotana, the Middle East’s largest media firm. He also placed funds towards Lyft and Careem.

8. Carl Icahn


Net worth: $17.9 billion

Recognized as a Wall Street disruptor for decades now, Icahn’s primary investments go to Icahn Enterprises. In addition to this, he also manages an investment fund that is composed of Icahn Enterprises funds and his own money.

NY Post | Getty Images for New York Times, CNBC | David A. Grogan | CNBC

As a successful investor, Icahn served the Trump Administration as an adviser during the first few months. Aside from investing his money, it also goes to charity, and he has already donated around $200 million to the Icahn School of Medicine.

7. Ray Dalio


Net worth: $19.4 billion

Ranking third in Forbes’ Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers 2019, Dalio placed his investments in Bridgewater Associations, recognized as the largest hedge fund company. This was created in 1975, right after getting his MBA from Harvard Business School. This firm now manages $160 billion. 

Worth | Photo by Brad Trent, Forbes

Just like Buffet, Dalio started earning when he was young. Today, he has funneled $768.9 million into charitable causes. He also launched the Dalio Foundation, which offers assistance to various groups.

6. James Simons


Net worth: $21.7 billion

Known as one of Forbes’ Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers of 2019, the 81-year-old hedge fund manager used to be a mathematician. Simons founded the quantitative hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies in 1982, which currently handles $60 billion. The company runs the Medallion Fund worth $10 billion, offering investment opportunities for its owners and employees. 

Fortune | BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES, Newsday | Photo Credit: Chris Ware, 2011

Simons retired from the company in 2010 but remains to be involved in its operations. Aside from Renaissance, he also established the Simons Foundation, which serves as the principal funder of Math for America. 

5. Joseph Safra


Net worth: $23.3 billion

Safra is named as the richest banker across the globe. The Sao Paolo-based banker established Banco Safra, which is known as Brazil’s 8th biggest bank. He also owns J. Safra Sarasin in Switzerland.

Signal NG, TIME | Lionel Cironneau—AP

Today, Safra’s oldest son manages J. Safra Sarasin and Safra National Bank of New York, while 2 of his sons manage Banco Safra. In other sectors, Safra has ventured into agriculture through Chiquita Brands International, of which he owns 50%. Safra ranked 31st in Forbes Billionaires List 2019. 

4. Carlos Slim Helu


Net worth: $54.1 billion

Named as Mexico’s richest man, Slim is the person behind America Movil, the largest telecommunications firm in Latin America. He also placed his money into Telmex, the country’s sole phone firm back in 1990, which has now merged with America Movil.

Wealth-X, NY Times | © Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times

Moreover, he has also placed capital into various industries such as construction, goods manufacturing, mining, and real estate. What’s better is that he owns 17% of The New York Times

3. Amancio Ortega


Net worth: $66.6 billion

Ranked among the richest people in Europe, Ortega is named the richest retailer across the globe. He pioneered the fast fashion industry when he co-founded Inditex. The company owns Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Pull & Bear, among others. As co-founder, he owns 60% of Inditex.

CNBC | Xurxo Lobato | Getty Images,

With his stocks in the company, he earned over $400 million annually. He invests this amount in real estate in various high-profile cities such as Barcelona, Chicago, London, Madrid, Miami, and New York. 

2. Warren Buffet


Net worth: $79.3 billion

Considered one of the most productive investors, Buffet is referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his impeccable intuition. This prolific investor started young at age 11 when he first bought stock. By age 13, he was paying his own taxes. Most of his wealth comes from multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. The conglomerate owns over 60 firms, such as Geico, Duracell, and Dairy Queen

NY Times | Rick Wilking/Reuters, toolshero

Just this 2019, Buffet gave $3.6 billion to charity and has pledged to donate 99% of his riches. Together with Bill Gates, he established Giving Pledge – a foundation that encourages billionaires to donate half of their wealth.

He is recognized by Forbes as The Richest Person in Every State 2019.

1. Bernard Arnault


Net worth: $95.2 billion

The owner of 70 name brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Sephora, Arnault is one of the richest investors around the world. LVMH, his luxury goods group, set records in 2018 when it experienced a boost in sales and profits. His investments include the Foundation Louis Vuitton (worth $135 million)

Business Insider | ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images, Forbes | JOEL SAGET/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

In light of the Notre Dame cathedral fire, Arnault promised to donate more than $220 million for reparations. 



The success of these investors definitely demonstrates how investing can help you gain wealth. Now that you know where these successful investors placed their wealth, you can definitely take notes from their smart investment moves. 

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