Getting Paid To Eat: 10 Food Bloggers Who Make Six Figures

By Nora Mathe

Food blogging seems to be the job most of us can only dream about, but it is a reality for some entrepreneurial foodies who have made a lucrative business out of their passion for the culinary arts.

All it takes is a good recipe and some mouthwatering photos to make it big in this industry, and, according to most bloggers, a lot of luck to have a blog go viral.

And once the attention is on you, it’s imperative to keep the momentum going with a lot of quality content. Here are 10 incredibly successful food bloggers who managed to do that and turned their hobby into a business enterprise.

10. Sally’s Baking Addiction


Yearly Earnings: $143K

Run by Sally McKenney, a self-taught baker and a photography enthusiast, the blog attracts attention due to its precise yet simple recipes anyone can bake, with a little attention to detail. McKenney focuses on regularly published content and colourful, inviting photos, which attract the readers’ attention and make their taste buds tingle. She also features step by step photos of the making of the lovely pastries. 

Sally's Baking Addiction, Pinterest

McKenney’s blog found its popularity in the baking niche, publishing mouthwatering recipes about cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and pies. Her earnings are most likely even higher because she runs a successful YouTube channel and published a few recipe books as well.

9. Natasha’s Kitchen


Yearly Earnings: $282K

Natasha’s Kitchen is run by Natasha Kravchuk, a Ukranian-American mother who works on her content together with her husband, Vadim. She is a full-time blogger and YouTuber, publishing her recipes on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

issuu, Feedspot

She started her blog in 2009 and, with the advent of social media, she expanded her business smartly to other platforms, thus attracting many readers and viewers. As a mother, she specializes in kid-friendly foods and easy to make dishes that other moms can learn and prepare in a few easy steps.

8. Minimalist Baker


Yearly Earnings: $315K

Minimalist Baker advertises itself as a place where you can learn how to prepare meals in 30 minutes or less, from 10 ingredients or less, preferably in one bowl. Although the blog is called “baker”, they publish many different recipes that involve cooking, frying, and more. 

Courage and Clarity, Minimalist Baker

Dana, the blog’s recipe developer, focuses on simplistic and easily achievable meals, which can become staple dishes in your repertoire. The blog is not centred around a specific personality, but it showcases incredible recipes and gorgeous photos to match, guiding the amateur cooks at home to create similar masterpieces.

7. Show Me The Yummy


Yearly Earnings: $552K

Show Me The Yummy is run by husband and wife, Trevor and Jennifer, who started their blog on a whim after their wedding and became full-time bloggers in 2015. They are signed by the Food Network, which helps them find more exposure than what they could achieve on their own. 

Show Me The Yummy, Show Me The Yummy

The bloggers focus on all sorts of meal types, from healthy to indulgent, and apply easy search terms by which readers can browse recipes. You can search their recipes by meal type, occasion, health, preparation, or season. With such a large variety and so many photos taken by Trevor, a professional photographer, their blog thrives!

6. Pinch of Yum


Yearly Earnings: $802K

Pinch of Yum is a successful food blog run by Lindsay, a former teacher and a current full-time blogger. According to her introduction, the aim is to publish “(mostly) healthy” recipes. She focuses on updated traditional foods, such as peach cobblers, and shares many vegan recipes as well, keeping her promise of providing her readers with health-conscious dishes.

Pinch of Yum, Pinch of Yum

Lindsay and her husband also built a community called Food Blogger Pro, where they share their knowledge with newbie food bloggers who wish to follow their steps to success.

5. Fit Men Cook


Yearly Earnings: Up to $1M

Fit Men Cook’s slogan is “Built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym” and the blogger, Kevin Curry, certainly isn’t lying about that. He develops healthy recipes that support weight loss and muscle building, so you will find many protein-heavy dishes on his blog. 

Guide Posts, Pinterest

Curry also works out challenges for men and women to follow on their weight loss and fitness journeys, aiding them in keeping their motivation going. He also published a cookbook and runs a food and fitness app, boosting his exposure even more.

4. Deliciously Ella


Yearly Earnings: $1M

Ella Mills is a UK-based food blogger with incredible success. She is the daughter of Sainsbury’s heiress, Camilla Sainsbury and her blog attracts enough viewers monthly for her to launch products such as healthy snacks, muesli, blends of nuts, and other healthy options to start your day.

Veggie Athletic, American Girl in Chelsea

Ella’s blog attracts over 100K viewers monthly and her online success is spread across multiple platforms: she has a podcast, an app, and an incredibly successful Instagram page. According to Business Insider, Ella’s deli in London does very well, too, generating her significant profit while promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle.

3. Avocadu


Yearly Earnings: $1.2M

Another weight loss-oriented blog, Avocadu offers healthy and safe plans for women all over the world to lose unwanted pounds, while giving them options to eat delicious meals instead of boring steamed vegetables and chicken. 

Forbes, Avocadu

Avocadu caters to many types of diets, showcasing recipes for the paleo, vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free lifestyles. They offer weight loss challenges and yoga workout plans as well, and give tips on taking supplements such as vitamins and minerals to promote a safe and effective weight loss. 

2. Sorted


Yearly Earnings: $1.2M

Sorted is a food blog run by five British guys, two of whom are chefs and the rest call themselves “normal”. They offer updated recipes of staple English dishes such as the full English breakfast or shepherd’s pie, while also sharing the chefs’ interests: Italian and Asian cuisine.


The blog’s popularity is boosted by a successful Youtube channel where the guys produce viral content such as trying out weird kitchen tools, creating recipes around one specific food item or spice, and travelling abroad to immerse themselves into the culinary traditions of specific countries. They also published several successful recipe books, which focus on easy-to-prepare dishes.

1. Binging with Babish


Yearly Earnings: $1.4M

Binging With Babish is Andrew Rea’s passion: a blog that puts together two of his interests, cooking and film making. He focuses on cooking dishes that were mentioned in TV shows, movies, or books, recreating them with ingenuity. 

Binging with Babish, Binging with Babish

On his blog, you can find recipes such as Ice Cream Flavors Inspired by The Avengers, Ribwich Inspired by The Simpsons, etc. His recipes are published on his blog and you can watch his YouTube videos to see exactly how you can make them at home. Rea’s personality on YouTube, combined with the great idea to recreate fictional food, has gained him a lot of attention and great wealth. 



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